Partner Integration via Action Button


1. Bulk upload files using the Action Button

Host companies are increasingly integrating data into WorkSpan, it becomes more complicated when their partners bring in data as well. The staging table, mapping, and other configurations for partner companies are created by WorkSpan. Data redundancy, slow onboarding processes, and human error are all consequences of this. 

Uploading a large volume of records into WorkSpan at one time by reading a file can be achieved using bulk uploading. Data can be bulk uploaded in two ways:

1. By clicking on "Integration" on the hamburger menu or,

2. By clicking on the "Action button".

The Action buttons can provide an easy way for partner users to update or insert new data records from their CRM to WorkSpan. The following article describes how to integrate bulk data using the Action Button that enables users to use the WorkSpan app effectively & get the maximum value.

2. Intended audience

  • Configuration: Professional Services or Company Admin
  • Users: All business users

3. Benefits 

Some of the benefits of bulk upload of data via Action Buttons are:

  • Increasing productivity with reduced time.
  • Less manual intervention.
  • Eliminates errors and their associated costs.
  • Faster partner onboarding.
  • No data redundancy.
  • Easy to maintain. Changes to hub integration are automatically made available to all partners
  • A greater degree of power has been given to the hub companies.

4. Actions and Operations

The configuration is done on the hub company and the object (e.g. Opportunity) is shared with all the partner companies.

1. How can I download the sample template?

To download the sample file, follow the below steps: 

Step 1.1: Click on the three dots and choose “Integration Upload” on the Sales Plan Overview page.

Step 1.2: Here you can download the sample file, by clicking on “Download sample file”.

2. How to upload the file after updating?

To upload the updated file, follow these steps:

Step 2.1: Once you have updated the file as per the sample file, follow Step 1.1

Step 2.2: Click on “Proceed to Upload” to upload the file.

Step 2.3: Choose the edited file to upload by clicking on “Choose File”. Always remember to upload the file in a format such as xlsx, json, csv.

Step 2.4: You will receive the notification at the right corner of your screen that states File Uploaded Successfully”.

3. What happens to the uploaded data?

Step 3.1: The data in the uploaded file often becomes an Opportunity in WorkSpan. The opportunities can be accessed from the Opportunities table view.

Step 3.2: These opportunities are auto-linked to the Sales Plan (if you have already created an auto-link policy in WS). 

Step 3.3: Alternatively, you can go to the Sales Plan landing page and click on the “Opportunities” tab to view the data that were converted into opportunities after you uploaded the file.

Step 3.4: Click on an Opportunity to go to its detailed page.

4. How to view the uploaded file?

You can view it by following the below steps.

Step 4.1: To view the uploaded opportunities, click on “View Uploaded Opportunities”.

Step 4.2: Click on “Show All”,  and view the recently created Opportunity.

Step 4.3: By clicking on the ID, you will be able to view the Opportunity that is created on WorkSpan.

Note:  Bulk Upload currently exists only for the File Upload feature in Inbound Integration.

5. How to configure it?

To set up your business process action buttons for partner integration, please reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

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