How to set up the “Update Referral from Opportunity” Flow


The idea behind this Flow is that once a Referral is created, you might want to keep the data in it in sync with the Opportunity. So, your sales reps will be changing Opportunity only and the Flow will automatically update Referral, and then WorkSpan will send that update to the Hyperscaler (AWS / Microsoft / Google). And, this Flow Template can be used as is out of the box, or it can be customized to fit your specific business process.

In the Start node, we have it starting when Opportunity Record is updated, and one of the two fields changes Stage Name or Close Date. Every time one of them changes, we start the Flow.

If you want to keep more fields in sync, then you just add them here and track them in the Start node and also in the Assignment node later.

Next, in the Get Records node, you can configure which Referrals to include or exclude from being updated. Out of the box, we are updating all the Referrals under the current Opportunity which has not been declined yet.

And I want to highlight the fact that all Referrals under the Opportunity will be updated. If you have more than one, then all of them will be updated the same if you use the Template as is. If you want to update only specific Referrals, then you will have to adjust these conditions accordingly.

Next, we have the Loop that actually does all the updating, but you don't need to change the Loop and the second Assignment nodes. Only the first Assignment should be changed.

And this is where you're actually pushing data from Opportunity fields on the right to Referral fields on the left.

This ideally should be the same list of fields that you have in the Start node. So, all the fields that you are tracking changes upon should be then updated from Opportunity to Referral unless you have some more complicated business process that you want to take care of, in which case this may vary. 

The final Update Records node is just to commit to the database. You don't need to change anything in it.

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