Introduction to WS SFDC User Guide


1. Introduction

This article aims to provide administrators with information to configure the WorkSpan Application in Salesforce. WorkSpan’s SFDC app security has been approved by Salesforce. This document provides instructions for end-users to help them get the most out of the functionality in the application.

1.1. High-Level System Overview

1.2. Why do you need to install this App?

There are three main benefits of installing this app:

  1. It will help your Sales team receive and securely share the opportunities with partners from within your CRM without any manual work. 
  2. It will increase overall opportunities flow for your Sales team by 40% (based on our benchmarking across 50+ customers), which will help increase your co-sell pipeline and revenue. 
  3. It will automate all opportunity updates to and from your partners so that you can stay aligned with them each step of the way as you focus on closing more opportunities.

1.3. What do you need to do?

Configure WorkSpan’s Co-Sell Salesforce App. It involves the below steps for both testing and production. The expected duration of configuration is 40-55 mins (tentative).

  1. Configure picklists for 6 fields (5-7 mins)
  2. Map fields between Salesforce and WorkSpan and specify default values (7-10 mins)
  3. Specify co-sell partner names and IDs (2-5 mins)
  4. Specify co-sell solutions when Microsoft is a partner (only when Microsoft is a Co-Sell partner) (2-5 mins)
  5. Configure 4 mandatory automation flows and 1 optional automation flow (15 mins)
  6. Purging log settings (2 mins) (optional)
  7. Delete referral (2 mins) (optional)
  8. Review Notifications (2 mins) (optional)
  9. Test the configurations (10-15 mins)
    1. Creating referral from the opportunity for outbound referrals (5 mins)
    2. Creating opportunity from referral for inbound referrals (5 mins)
    3. Updating referrals and opportunities (5 mins)

1.4. Search WorkSpan in WS Salesforce App

After login to the WorkSpan Salesforce app, do the following:

  1. Click on the “six-dotted” icon.
  2. Search for “WorkSpan”. The search results are shown below. 
  3. Click on “WorkSpan”.

You will be redirected to the WorkSpan Salesforce dashboard (Opportunities). Click on a tab to view details.

1.5. Supported Salesforce versions

The package is designed to work in Lightning Experience. It supports Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited (production or sandbox), and Developer Editions.

All package users (including the Integration User) require the full Salesforce user license, NOT the Salesforce Platform license.

1.6. Package contents

The package has 4 components that are related to standard objects (all 4 to Opportunity):
  1. “Add Referral” Quick Action can be placed on Opportunity layouts to create Referrals.
  2. The “Create Referral” List View button is used to create Referrals from the Opportunity List Views in bulk.
  3. The “Opportunity” apex trigger is very simple after inserting the trigger that is used to link the newly created Opportunity to the Referral from which it was created. Refer to this.
  4. Source Referral custom field is a lookup to Referral that is also used to link the newly created Opportunity to the Referral from which it was created. See here.
Type Count
Action 1
Apex Class 102
Apex Trigger 5
App 1
Asset File 1
Aura Component Bundle 2
Button 1
Custom Field 190
Custom Object 7
Custom Permission 3
Custom Report Type 2
Custom Setting 3
Custom Setting Field 9
Custom Setting List View 1
Dashboard 1
Dashboard Folder 1
Flow Definition 5
Global Value Set 1
Lightning Page 4
Lightning Web Component Bundle 35
List View 9
Page Layout 11
Permission Set 5
Record Type 8
Remote Site 2
Report 4
Report Folder 1
Static Resource 2
Tab 5
Validation Rule 16
Visualforce Page 1
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