WorkSpan Jun'23 Releases - v171.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Accessible section list fields in the table view. You can now select section list fields in the column selectors so that data from the related objects appear on the table view. This allows you to show/hide certain fields per business requirements. For example, in the columns section, you can choose “Milestones and Deliverables” to show relevant fields on the table view. 

2. Simplified operations for object field updates. WorkSpan’s automated solution gives you the flexibility to update the parent object fields via action button / grid edit / action button, etc., which will be reflected in all the associated child objects. It requires no further manual intervention to navigate to each child object and make the changes in the relevant field. 

For instance, on a Sales Plan (SP - Parent object) - there is a field called Assigned_pm & its value is John Doe. If this SP has ten (10) Opportunities (child object), referring to the Assigned_pm field, the value will come as John Doe in all of them. If the value is changed from John Doe to Mike Fuller in SP, it should get updated to Mike Fuller in all 10 Opportunities.

3. Improved decision-making. You can add multiple business logic per requirements and calculate the age for an object like lead, opportunity, etc. The calculation will be reflected per standard time zone, unlike different time zones you are in, so you can take preemptive measures to avoid unforeseen situations in a business setting. For instance, find Opportunities that do not have a partner manager assigned for three (3) days; assign partner managers to these opportunities and start engaging with prospects to convert them into customers.

4. Easy to exit in the middle of an action. Action buttons can now be configured to allow you to exit without executing the entire action flow. For instance, while creating a single Activity and multiple Requests at one go, you can cancel the form when you are in the mid of the ongoing operation. This is helpful in scenarios where you initiated an action but do not want to perform any further action to create new objects (like Activity, Requests), update object descriptions using bulk actions, or submit forms.

5. Ability to view metrics formula. Previously, there was no way to see how a standard metric has been calculated. The enhancement allows your users to see the calculation behind the standard metrics. It helps them drive more relevant analysis and enable greater actionability. 

6. Company-based configurations in action buttons. You can now add different business rules for specific partners instead of a single policy for all the partners. This allows you to configure business process flows for some specific partners. To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

7. Ability to filter table views. You may wish to create different views with different sets of data to review and take action accordingly. You can now extract a subset of data in the table view using conditional operators like (Equal to, not equal to, in, etc.) while creating a new view for the table view.

8. Report scheduling improvement. The newly enhanced Report Scheduler provides you better user experience with reduced manual efforts. The enhancement comprises customized email templates for companies along with the sender's email address by supporting sub-accounts for companies at Sendgrid for email templates. Furthermore, it includes modifying scheduling options for better usability and many more.


Bug Fixes

1.   Fixed bug that prevented dismissal of notifications from the WorkCenter.

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