User Personas/Permission Sets


This is a required step for a new installation. Assign appropriate permission sets to your Salesforce users.

  1. WorkSpan Account Executive (AE)—The primary App user. This persona is responsible for running direct-sell motions leveraging Salesforce and also running co-sell motions to win deals through collaboration with partners.
  2. WorkSpan Sales Ops Manager (SOM)—This persona is in charge of operational excellence. It manages Partner, and Microsoft Solution records in Salesforce and distributes Incoming Referrals among AEs.
  3. WorkSpan Admin (WSA)—This persona is responsible for setting up the integration and maintaining the App. The permission set does NOT provide access to any business objects. Assign an additional permission set if you want your WSA to access Referral or Partner data.
  4. WorkSpan Read-Only User—This is a supplementary permission set for WSAs that provides read-only access to Referral and Partner data. Assign it if you want your WSA to be able to read sales data but not edit any of it. If you want them to be able to edit as well, then assign WorkSpan Account Executive or WorkSpan Sales Ops Manager instead.
  5. WorkSpan Integration User—This is an artificial persona. All inbound requests are executed in this user’s context. Assign this permission set to the user whose credentials will be used to set up the integration in your WorkSpan environment. No human user (including admins) should be assigned this permission set: it is not required to use the App in any way, but it will allow users to break the integration unintentionally.
  6. WorkSpan Auto-create Referral from Opportunity—This persona allows to create and update of Referrals from the Opportunity, i.e. triggering the dedicated flows, without any access to objects used within the package.
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