Customize Referral list views


The package comes with 4 Referral list views. However, you can completely customize them or delete them or create your own (see how to do that here):

  1. “All”—see all Referrals that you have access to, intended for everybody.
  2. “Incoming Not Distributed”—see all Incoming Referrals that need to be distributed, intended for SOMs. It is driven by the Is Not Distributed field that shows the Incoming Referrals which are owned by their creator. The idea is that an integration user will create all Incoming Referrals, but an AE should be assigned as an owner once they start working with it.
  3. “My Incoming Referrals”—see all Incoming Referrals that you own, intended for AEs.
  4. “My Outgoing Referrals”—see all Outgoing Referrals that you own, intended for AEs.
  5. “Referrals With Errors”—see partner-specific Referrals that got errors from the third-party platforms.
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