Customize Opportunity list views


If you want your users to be able to create Referrals in bulk, you need to add the Create Referral button to the Opportunity list views. There is no way to fine-tune the visibility of it, so either all of your users will see the button on all Opportunity list views, or nobody will. However, users without either WorkSpan Account Executive or WorkSpan Sales Ops Manager permission set won’t be able to use the button, they will get an insufficient privileges error.

Here’s how to add the button to list views.

  1. Go to ‘Setup’ (1)(2) → ‘Object Manager’ (3). In the ‘Quick Find’ box, type in ‘Opportunity’ (4). Select ‘Opportunity’ (5) in the table below.

  1. In the left panel, select ‘Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic (1). Click on the down arrow next to ‘List View’ and click Edit (2).

  1. In the ‘Available Buttons’ section, select the ‘Create Referral’ option (1) and click the ‘Add’ button (2). Arrange ‘Selected Buttons’ if needed. Then click Save (3).

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