Track key Ecosystem Insights with Charts on Homepage


Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Pinning a Chart on the homepage

3. Unpinning a Chart

4. Rearranging a Chart

1. Overview

We're excited to announce a new capability in our product that allows you to pin charts to your homepage from the reports! This new feature makes it even easier to access the charts you need, without the need to navigate through the reports every time you want to view them.

Admin users can now pin charts for all their company users who have access to that chart and for themselves, making it easier to share important insights and metrics with the team. Non-admin users can also pin charts for themselves, providing a personalized experience to view the metrics that matter to them the most.

In addition, non-admin users can unpin the charts for themselves that are pinned by the admin, providing them with full control over their homepage and the content displayed on it.

2. Pinning a Chart on the homepage

Pin charts to the homepage from your report easily by following the below steps. In case you don't have any report created, you may refer to this document for report creation.

There are two ways:

1. Pin from Create/Edit Report section. 

Step 1: You can pin the chart from “Create Report”. Check the box to pin the chart. Click “Save Chart”. 

  1. Admin users- Can pin a chart for all the company users and themselves; it will be shown to them on the homepage. You can select either of the two options available on your screen as shown below.
  2. Non-admin users - Can pin charts for themselves only.


Step 2: You will get a success message for successfully creating/updating the chart. Click “Next”.

Step 3: You will see the report details with opportunities listed at the bottom. Click “Save”.

Step 4: The report will now appear on the Reports Homepage.

2. Three dot menu of a Chart

Step 1: Select the desired report by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting “Reports”.

Step 2:  You will be redirected to the report detailed page.

Step 3:  The success message will appear on the screen. 

Step 4: Click on the WorkSpan(W) icon. The pinned charts can be easily accessed from the “Ecosystem Insights” panel on the homepage.

Step 5: When there are more than four (4) charts on the homepage, you can view all of them by clicking the “Load More Charts” button present in the Ecosystem Insights section.

lightbulb (1).png Max charts that can be pinned:
  • Admin users can pin max of 4 charts for all their company users who have access to the chart & 4 personal charts.
  • Non-admin users can pin a max of 4 personal charts.
  • Click “Refresh all charts” to reload the charts on the homepage.

Step 6: Clicking a chart will display a magnified version along with options to download the chart, refresh it, or view the report.

3. Unpinning a Chart

Charts can be unpinned in two ways: 

1. From the Report

Repeat Step 1 as mentioned in 2. Pinning a chart.

Step 2: Click the three-dot icon on a chart and choose “Unpin from Homepage.”

lightbulb (1).pngNon-admin users can unpin the charts pinned by them and admin-pinned charts.

2. From the Homepage

Click the “Ecosystem Insights” card and hover on the desired chart. You will view the unpinning icon. Click on it to unpin the chart.

4. Rearranging a Chart

WorkSpan gives you the flexibility to arrange your charts as per your preference

Step 1: Click on “Rearrange Charts”.

Step 2: A popup screen will appear containing different charts. You need to click and drag the chart to the desired position as you want them to appear on the homepage. For instance, the “Opportunity Chart” is moved to position 3 in the graphics below:



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