Send Updates from WorkSpan to Salesforce App


Perform the following steps to transmit data from WorkSpan to Salesforce:

Step 1: On the WorkSpan application, click on the hamburger menu and choose ‘Opportunities’. Now, open an opportunity.

Step 2: Below is the detailed page of an opportunity object. Rename the opportunity name to ‘Burlington Textiles Weaving Plant Generator - V2’ and click ‘Save’. 

Step 3: Again click on the ‘Hamburger menu’ and choose ‘Integrations’. Click on ‘Outbound’ type and ‘Run Integration’ to update all the changes made in WorkSpan.

Step 4: Log in to your Salesforce application in a different tab on your browser. Go to ‘Home’ and click on ‘WorkSpan’. 

Step 5: On the WorkSpan page in Salesforce, click on ‘Referrals’, and you can view the referrals sent from WorkSpan to Salesforce. Click on a referral to go to its detailed page. 

Below is a screenshot of the updated opportunity in Step 3, i.e., the ‘Burlington Textiles Weaving Plant Generator - V2’  referral (details page) populated in the Salesforce app.



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