View Referrals within Opportunity across SFDC 


Follow the steps listed below if you want your Salesforce users to have access to the Referrals from within the Opportunity details page in their respective module/app (e.g. Sales, Marketing etc.) in SFDC. This allows your users to access the existing referrals, create new referrals from within their respective apps and not navigate to the WorkSpan app within SFDC.  Below are the steps to add the ‘Referral’ tab on the Opportunity page:

Step 1: On the ‘Opportunity’ page of the main SFDC module, click on the ‘Settings’ icon and then click on ‘Edit Page’.

Step 2: On the left navigation panel, scroll down and select ‘Referrals info’ under ‘Custom - Managed (1)’. 

Now, click on the ‘Chatter’ tab to open a list of tabs on the right side. Click on ‘Add Tab’  to add a new tab.

Step 3: On clicking ‘Add Tab’, the ‘Details’ tab appears. Click on it to edit.

Select the ‘Custom’ option from the drop-down menu and enter ‘Custom Label’ as ‘Referrals’. Now, click on ‘Done’.

Step 4: Once the ‘Referrals’ tab is created, drag and drop the ‘referrals info’ from the left navigation panel to the ‘Referrals’ section. Now, click on ‘Save’.

Step 5: Click on ‘Activate’ and decide the level at which you want to apply this customization. You can apply it throughout the Org or within a specific app, or for specific types of records or users. 

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