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Packaged lightning pages are not upgradeable if you’ve customized them. Technically, they are upgradeable but not editable, even though Salesforce seemingly allows you to edit them and save the changes. However, what actually happens in the background is that Salesforce clones the packaged lightning page and lets you edit the cloned version while the packaged version is effectively deactivated. And, when you upgrade the package, it’s the deactivated version that is upgraded, while the version that you’ve edited and have been using since remains the way you’ve customized it. But you will be able to view the upgraded packaged page in Setup > Lightning App Builder and mimic all the changes that you want from it.

Keep that in mind before deciding to edit the packaged lightning pages.

Packaged page layouts are not upgradeable at all. i.e., after you’ve installed the package, you will never get the upgrades for it unless you completely uninstall the package and reinstall it back. So, you can edit the page layouts without any considerations.

1. Classic page layouts

The App comes with multiple Referral page layouts, which can be divided into pairs of two categories: Incoming and Outgoing, defined by the Referral Type field. The layouts in a pair are similar, with the following exceptions:

  1. On the Incoming layout, all the fields that are not supposed to be edited are removed. For example, all customer details (the Customer XX fields) are removed because you can’t edit customer information on an Incoming Referral in WorkSpan. However, even if you put the fields on the layout and grant the user access to edit them (including some technical fields), the editing is blocked by a packaged trigger in order to prevent data discrepancy with WorkSpan.

  1. The Outgoing layout for partner-specific use cases (like Amazon (AWS),  Google or Microsoft Partner Center (MPC) flows) has some fields marked as required because third-party systems require them.

OOTB, the page layouts are NOT on the Referral Lightning page because the Opportunity Referral Data LWC (Refer to this) displays all the data that AE can require from both Referral and Partner Referral objects. However, that LWC is not customizable. If you need to do something special, you can put the page layouts on the Lightning page,see how to do that here.

The page layouts are used to define the Create/Edit Referral modals, you can edit them to show, move, and remove fields according to your unique business processes.

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