WorkSpan Jul'23 Releases - v172.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Quickly access pinned charts from the homepage and process business information faster. The powerful capability makes it even easier to access the charts you need on the homepage without navigating through the reports every time you want to view them. Admin users can now pin charts for all their company users who have access to that chart and for themselves, sharing important insights and metrics with the team. Non-admin users can also pin charts for themselves, providing a personalized experience to view the metrics that matter to them the most. Scroll down to go to the “Ecosystem Insights” card to view all the pinned charts. 

To enable this, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

2. Ability to export table view data in CSV/Excel. Enhance your data exchange by extracting data from table view (e.g., an Opportunity landing page / Reports / Sales Plan > Opportunities) and sharing it with your partners. You can download data in two formats - CSV or Excel files. On exporting successfully, you will receive an email with a download link. Simply download the file and start using it for detailed analysis.

3. Display the logic / formula behind metric calculation. The powerful feature gives you visibility into formulas that were used to derive metrics / charts. A quick view of the formula helps you understand the logic hidden behind the numbers you see in the chart and also helps you identify errors in case of discrepancies. Click the three-dot icon on a chart / metric and choose “See how this is calculated” to get the formula.

4. Archiving objects in WorkSpan. With archive capability in Business Process Actions, you can now archive multiple objects (e.g., Opportunities, Activities, etc.) at one go using bulk actions. Simply define a bulk action and start archiving duplicate objects and the ones that are currently not active.

Click on the “Active Opportunities” option and choose “Archived Opportunities” to view archived opportunities.

5. Get validation messages on the object overview page and reports. The intent behind deploying the validation engine is to provide you with a clear understanding of the issue / missing fields for any of the configured WorkSpan objects (e.g., Opportunity, Sales Plan, Activity, etc). This will provide you with a consolidated message containing all the validations at one go post-creation of the object. For example, the validation message is shown on the UI on the opportunity overview page.

Further, you can create reports with validation messages and get a list of opportunities containing errors. This helps to easily identify the errored opportunities so that you can rectify and submit them immediately.

6. Faster selection from the list of values. With this enhancement, you can now decide which activity types to choose while creating fund activity or select a partner with whom you want to collaborate. The user-friendly UI displays a list of relevant values configured for partners / activity types, etc., to your users to make their selection easier in minimal time.

7. Support for decimals for amount-based fields in object creation. When you create objects (e.g., Activity), WS will now allow you to input decimal numbers (for e.g., 233.67) in addition to whole numbers (e.g., 233) for “Total Requested Amount”, “Remaining to Allocate” etc. as shown in the image below. The amount will display whole numbers and decimal values according to the provided input. It helps you to store amount values up to 2 decimal places and achieve higher precision.

8. Simplified Merge Process. As you collaborate with multiple partners on various opportunities, the need to merge these opportunities is increasing. WS has enhanced the existing merge function and now supports a preconfigured merge capability via business process actions on the table view. It allows you to merge two duplicate opportunities (like a partner opportunity and your opportunity) efficiently so that your co-sell collaboration continues on a single opportunity.

Reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

9. Added support for currency symbols in custom-calculated metrics. Metrics in WorkSpan objects are now prefixed with currency symbols when created using custom calculations. The currency names are appended next to the metric name. For e.g., “Total Revenue (USD)” shows the revenue amount in dollars in the image below. The currency names can be identified easily and used to understand different revenue sources for deeper analysis.

10. Enhanced sorting in table views. Sorting is now easier as you can simply click on the column header (for a single column) to show the table data in ascending/descending order and review data.  For e.g., clicking on the “Name” column for the first time - will sort the table data in ascending order. As you click the second time, data is shown in descending order. The third click removes applied sorting on that particular column. You can always sort multiple columns using the “Sort” option above the table view.

11. Remove the user from the namespace while retaining user attributes. Now, users can be removed from the namespace using existing user file upload (with “delete” action), and their attributes are preserved for future reference. These users will remain active but lose authorization to WorkSpan objects (e.g., Sales Plan) acquired through attribute-based access control (ABAC) defined in the namespace policy. Users can be associated back to the namespace through user file upload (with “add” action) and regain access based on the attributes provided.

Reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

Bug Fixes

1. Ticket #14092 - Tooltip dialog box blinking issue while hovering on documents (POP/POC attachments) on the overview page (e.g., Activity) has been fixed. 

2. Ticket #12808 Resolved issue related to unable to create a report. You can now generate data for desired Programs / Plans / Opportunities etc., by using this feature.

3. Ticket #12970 Fixed an issue related to displaying all the integrations irrespective of the integration shared with you, which led to confusion. Now, On clicking “Add from CRM,” you can access only the shared respective integration(s) while adding an opportunity.

4. Ticket #13515: Get accurate data as you create a Plan Report that shows active Plans only, unlike archived plans previously in the report. 

5. Ticket #13319 Issue related to “Plan” not getting linked to “Partnership” has been fixed. The Plan is now correctly associated with Partnership so that you can access both.

6. Ticket #13198 Resolved issue pertaining to unable to share integration. Now, you can share the integration with your company members successfully. Member names are also populated based on your input.

7. Ticket #13611 Issue related to the username not being visible while sharing any WorkSpan object has been resolved.

8.  Ticket #9516 File exporting issue getting stalled mid-way has been fixed.

9.  Column order (e.g., Country, BE Geo ID, Fund Period, etc.) in the report email was not displayed per column order of the report in WorkSpan. This sorting issue has been fixed.

10. Fixed bug that caused an error while creating "Solution" in WS.

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