Lightning components - Opportunity Referrals


This component is supposed to surface the Referral data on the Opportunity level without affecting the Opportunity record details. It can be placed on the Opportunity page. OOTB is on the Opportunity Lightning page, App Default for the WorkSpan App. If you want to see this LWC on Opportunity pages in other Apps, you can either assign the packaged Lightning page as the default for those Apps (or the whole org), or you can place the LWC on your existing Opportunity pages on a case by case basis (learn how to do both here).

If there are no Referrals related to the current Opportunity record, the component will render like this:

The + Add Referral button launches the Outgoing Referral flow

Once you create or link Referrals to the Opportunity, they will be rendered as subtabs, each showing the Referral Name of the corresponding Referral record. Next to the name in the active tab, there is a small icon that allows you to open this Referral in a new tab.

The rest of the LWC below the subtabs is actually exactly the same as what you’ll see on the Referral details page: a combination of all other LWCs.

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