Lightning components - Opportunity Actions


This small component provides some quick actions and occasional informational messages, and it can be placed on a Referral page.
OOTB is on the Referral Lightning page. For the Incoming Referrals, the actions are Link, Create Opportunity, and Accept/Decline (See Link Incoming Referrals).

For the Outgoing Referrals, it’s only Submit Referral.

Or if the Outgoing Referral was created without an Opportunity—there will also be Link and Create an Opportunity.

The actions will disappear from the LWC once they are no longer relevant. i.e., if you link the Referral to an Opportunity, the Link button and the Opportunity lookup will disappear, etc. In the end, there will be LWC with message outlining that there are no more actions left to be performed with the Referral: ‘There are no actions available.’

If Referral Status = ‘Accepted’ AND Sourced To Partner OR Sourced By Partner = ‘Google’ AND Opportunity is not NULL, then the LWC will show this message: ’Only Notes and Next Step information is sent to Google for this Referral. Other field updates will be synced with WorkSpan but will not be sent to Google.’

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