WorkSpan Aug'23 Releases - v173.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Filter out blank records in Table Views. The table views are now configured with an option to filter “Blank” values. You can simply check/uncheck the option at column-level filters while filtering data to show blank values in the table view. The “Blank” and “Not Blank” option are also available on the non-selection list based columns (except Date columns) along with filter conditions like Contains, Equals etc. In the below example, when clicked on the “Blank”  option in the “Description” column, it displays one opportunity with a blank description. On the other hand, there is no blank value in the “Stage” column. So, it does not show any opportunity data when the “Blank” option is selected. 

2. Ability to use temporary filters/sorting to view data. WorkSpan is now providing your users with an option to add temporary filters to view data from the shared table view where they do not have permission to edit data. The functionality allows your users to use the desired filters and click “Apply” to get filtered data in the table view. You do not need to create multiple views every time you wish to use a filter for viewing data.

3. Enabling Workflow stage validations to update section list via integration. You can now disable Add/Edit and Delete access for a section list via integration (file upload). It can be achieved by changing the access as per your requirement for a Workflow stage. It allows you to manage edit access for configured users/user groups. 

4. Preventing duplicate record entries while uploading user list in WS. To improve data quality and reduce the time taken to perform user-attribute matching for authorizing users, duplicate entries will be prevented during the file upload if the same set of values already exists in the user profile. 

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5. Email clean-up reduces the number of email notifications. The email clean-up feature focused on reducing the influx of email notifications. The changes include removing email notifications for certain events identified as no longer desired and changing the settings to disable notifications by default, which the user may enable if required.

List of Email notification events can be found in the “Appendix” section. 

Bug Fixes

1. Ticket #13535 Fixed a bug related to the “Save” button not appearing for mandatory fields while editing a report.

2. Ticket #13995 Creation of an automated action button failed due to an unexpected error. The error has been fixed.

3. Ticket #13617 Field values for the “Claims” object were neither getting updated properly after uploading the file via integration nor were emails getting triggered after executing the action button. After the fix, you can view the correct values populated on the Claim object UI to take relevant actions (e.g., Claim Approval) based on the values.

4. Ticket #14202 Issue related to email notifications for "Provider MDF Funds" not being sent to users have been fixed. 

5. Fixed the issue that did not allow you to perform inline/grid editing for currency-based fields in the table view. You can now set column width before editing field values so that you can edit them easily.

6. Earlier, after setting up your Google SSO Account successfully, the Google SSO button was not appearing on the WorkSpan login page. However, you can now see the Google SSO button on the UI and can log in to WS through it.

7. Fixed grid editing issue in table view with proper line break formatting and highlighting the grid (in yellow) after changing the field values.

8. Sorting a column with a new filter resulted in losing its filtered values. After the fix, you can sort the column data after applying a filter to show sorted data in the table view.

9. The issue related to the child stage of an object not being moved/updated to another stage after clicking the “Move stage” action button has been resolved.

10. Fixed bug that allowed editing of “Solution” view-only fields. Now, you can only see the non-editable “Solution” fields.

11. Resolved the issue that did not allow you to see the field values in order as defined in the uploaded file.


Below is a list of events for which Email Notifications are Removed:

Event Name Event Description
PROJECT_ATTACHMENTS_EDIT When project attachment edits are done
CONTENT_ATTACHMENTS_EDIT When content attachment edits are done
COMPANY_AUTHPOLICYCHANGE When the authentication policy is updated
COMPANY_MANAGE_MEMBERS When "Manage Members" changes are done in the company screen
PROJECT_P2P_REPORT Send partnership report to all programs
CONTENT_ARCHIVE When content is archived
CONTENT_DELETE When content is deleted
CONTENT_STRATEGY_EDIT When strategy field is updated in Content Library
PROJECT_ENDORSEMENT When the Project endorsement is done 
EXPORTER_JOB_FAIL Data Exporter Job is failed
EXPORTER_JOB_SUCCESS Data Exporter Job is success
PROJECT_ARCHIVE When the project is archived
PROJECT_STRATEGY_EDIT When Strategy field is updated in project
PROJECT_DELETE When the project is deleted
UPGRADE_ACTION_FINISH Upgrade action finished completed
PROJECT_MEMBER_WITHDRAW When any member withdraws from the project


Below is a list of events for which Email Notifications are turned OFF by Default:

Event Name Event Description
RMSG_DIGEST When you have unread messages
PROJECT_COMMENT_CREATED When someone comments on your project
PROJECT_TASK_CREATED When someone creates a task on your project
PROJECT_TASK_COMMENT When someone comments on the task of your project
REQUEST_TO_ENDORSE Endorsement request to a company
PROJECT_ENDORSEMENT_REQUEST When someone requests for Endorsement on a Project
PROJECT_CREATE_CRM_MULTI When one or more projects are created from CRM
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