WorkSpan Salesforce App Releases_v1.14


New Features and Enhancements

1. Established a 'Post Deployment Wizard' tab in WS Admin, including two collapsible sections.

  a. The 'Connected App' allows users to manually configure a Connected App, a prerequisite for the subsequent PDS Wizard step. The initial setup ("Create the Connected App" section) is a one-time requirement post-package installation; no further updates are necessary. This feature needs a System Administrator profile. Access the PDS Wizard via the WorkSpan Admin tab within the WorkSpan app for step-by-step instructions.

   b. The 'Post Deployment Wizard' displays pending Post Deployment Steps (PDS) with a run button. Clicking it opens a confirmation modal for automatic execution. Upon confirmation, the PDS Wizard loads the steps and displays a success message when done. After closing the modal, completed PDS are marked in green. When all PDS are done, the section is marked complete.

    c. Implemented automated PDS for the following tasks:

        - Replacing Help Text for 'Account Owner Email'.

        - Updating Help Text for 'Referral Creation Method'.

        - Modifying Help Text for 'AWSContractVehicle'.

        - Changing Help Text for 'Description fields'.

2. Added Value Mapping for Closed Lost Reason. Enable users to designate a picklist field instead of entering a direct value for the "Closed Lost Reason" in the Opportunity Referral Field Mapping tab. If a user attempts to input a direct value, an error message will be displayed, and mapping will be prohibited.

Field Mapping Made Easy

We encourage users to select picklist fields from a range of objects related to opportunities, rather than attempting to input direct values. This streamlined approach ensures a smoother integration with reduced errors.

Optimize with Picklist Fields

For a seamless Value Mapping experience, we recommend choosing picklist fields. This choice ensures that the system defaults to 'Other' for all partners whenever necessary, maintaining consistency in your mappings.

Adaptive Page Content

The content on the Value Mapping page adapts to your Field Mapping configuration:

  • If the source field is correctly configured to a picklist, but no accepted values are set for a partner, it will default to 'Other.'
  • In cases where Field Mapping isn't configured at all, it will default to 'Mapped field not selected.'
  • If Field Mapping is configured but not to a picklist field, it will default to 'No mapping available from the selected field.'
  • When properly configured with accepted values (currently supported for Amazon and Microsoft), you can create specific mappings in a convenient two-column table. By default, all values are mapped to 'Other.'

3. Auto-populating fields. The Referral Closed Lost Reason is now auto-filled in the following scenarios:

    a. When an Opportunity is created from a referral and the opportunity is marked as Closed Lost and  Referral Closed Lost Reason is empty.

    b. When the Opportunity is updated, and it is in Close Lost state and Referral Closed Lost Reason is empty. 

    c. When the Referral is auto-created from Opportunity, the opportunity is in a Closed Lost state, and the referral closed reason is empty.

Bug Fixes

  1. Improving the Last Sync from SF to WS” message from “Launch (Pending)” to “Launched” in WS as soon as Salesforce receives a referral with “Launched” status.
  2. In new installations, we've updated the APN Program value, changing it from 'Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)' to 'Migration Acceleration Program,'
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