WorkSpan Sep'23 Releases - v174.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Track key insights on the Program Overview page. With this new functionality, the Program Owners can now pin charts on the Program Overview page in addition to the homepage. It helps you extract key insights to improve decision-making, and drive meaningful actions. The charts can be accessed by all the users who have access to that Program & reports from which charts are pinned. Scroll down to the “Analytics” card on the Program Overview page to view all the pinned charts. 

For more support, contact WorkSpan via email at or visit

2. Easier transaction on the searched results. The table view UI has been made interactive for navigating through different objects shown in the search results. For example, searching the opportunity name shows three results on the table view. You can now easily interact with the individual object shown in a particular row while in search mode. Common interactions include opening the summary panel of an opportunity, performing grid editing, moving stage, etc. This user-friendly UI will help you find relevant information efficiently and transact with the items displayed on the list effectively.

3. Directly manage Value Maps within the UI. CRM providers, cloud platforms, and organizations have unique stages, definitions, and field attributes. Value mapping in WorkSpan allows for seamless addition and editing of these values, acting as a translator to align with partner companies' requirements when sending opportunities. 

For instance, when mapping CRM opportunity data for AWS or Microsoft in WorkSpan, this enhancement boosts flexibility and control, improving the user experience and data management. Access the Value Map via the View Details page, enabling easy addition, editing, deletion, and file export. This streamlines data transfer from Partner CRM to cloud providers via WorkSpan while preserving the original file.

4. Reduce influx of “Export” Email notifications. Turning the email notifications off can help reduce the volume of emails you receive and prevent your inbox from becoming cluttered. You can now choose not to receive “Export” related email notifications whenever a report/table view is exported in the application. The Export notification settings are turned OFF by default. 

To turn it ON, navigate to User Profile → Manage Email Notifications → Tasks and Activities → Check the box next to “Export” → Save.

5. Support for independent calculations for linked objects in Charts. Options included in the Chart under “Advanced Settings” to allow aggregation calculations like sum, count on linked objects independently of each other, and use those aggregations for relative calculations. For example, “Total Funds” at the Parent level would be repeated against each child level for “Funds Consumed.” Here, consumed funds have to be aggregated (from each child record), but “Available Funds” need to be calculated once, even if it's repeated for each child-linked record.

Select the checkbox in the image below to count the linked objects independently:

6. Workflow enhancements. You can now control section list properties such as who can view and edit in the “WorkFlow.” It helps you set user access for distinct user / user groups, e.g., Partner Manager User. This is specific to the section list and / or related “Object” only. It enables you to add multiple business logic, control information sharing, and permit edit access for assigned stakeholders only.

It can be achieved by adding the fields per your requirement for a Workflow stage - Go to Stage level → Configure → Edit Field Properties.

7. Configure Sharing options using Business Process Action (BPA). Today, based on WorkFlow configuration, stage movement is required to enable the share option to authorized users. The BPA (action button) configuration will help overcome this limitation and allow authorized users to invite additional partners anytime with defined roles for specific person-type fields. Email notifications will be sent based on BPA configuration.

8. Automating input process to reduce manual errors. The Business Process Action (BPA) can now be configured to pick up values in the context of the parent object, irrespective of the field values present in the uploaded file via integration. This amendment will help reduce the errors arising from wrong input values in the file. 

For instance, when uploading a “Lead” file, token IDs will be taken from the context of project fields and ensure the Leads are linked to the right parent objects (like “Activity”, “Plan”). Moreover, it supports auto-generation of field values where you can add simple formulas to dynamically generate input fields. E.g., Lead Name can be automatically generated to have unique values by concatenating token ID like Name = “LeadABC” and Token ID = “W123”, then the newly generated Lead Name will be “LeadABC_W123”. Delimiters like underscore "_" or hyphen "-" can also be configured in the action button.

To configure the Action button, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket #13517 - The bug associated with the “Find Solutions” button on the Program page has been fixed. Users can now click the “Find Solutions” button and be redirected appropriately to the Solutions screen.
  2. Ticket #14403 - Removed limitation in adding specific fields when creating reports related to the desired “Partnerships” object, thus enabling more effective data analysis and reporting.
  3. Fixed bug related to “Default view,” e.g., Opportunity View for Plan 1 appearing in Plan 2, leading to discrepancies. Now, the default view will be shown ONLY IF the created view is in the view list and satisfies the plan filter or the template used for that object.
  4. Fixed bug that allowed access to the objects even when password login was enabled. You will need to log in to access the company's owned objects. 
  5. Fixed the bug to include “CRM Opportunity IDs” as selectable columns in the table view. This enhancement empowers partners to access and analyze their data more effectively.
  6. Issue related to opportunities with a “Split %” greater than zero (0) weren't excluded in filtered views and have been fixed by adding filters that correctly apply conditions, delivering precise and filtered data representation.  
  7. The bug associated with the Opportunity merge feature has been successfully resolved by making corrections to error message propagation and eliminating the mapping on the table for the Rich Text field.
  8. Resolved an issue where export and download messages were shown across all windows for logged-in users. For example, when a user impersonates and downloads a report, the message will only show in context to the current window and not on other windows wherever that user is logged in.
  9. The date mismatch between the Opportunity overview page and the staging table has been fixed.
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