Value Mapping


Value mapping functionality works similar to the Field Mapping but instead of mapping the exact value from a source field to the related Referral field, it sets a specific Referral field value based on the source field value.

1. Partner Clear Value Mapping

Value mapping allows you to setup a specific mapping configuration for each Partner

1.1. Closed Lost Reason Value Mapping

Closed Lost Reason values mapping is triggered when a Closed Lost Opportunity is created, linked or updated. Once the mapping is triggered, the related Referral Closed Lost Reason field will get automatically populated with a mapped value.

Note: The Referral Closed Lost Reason will only get populated if it’s empty. The mapping will not overwrite existing values.
It is also important to note that even if mapping is configured and triggered, users can still overwrite the value manually by editing the Referral and selecting from one of the picklist values.

You can configure value mapping for Closed Lost Reason. Below is a list of steps how to do this:

  1. Go to WS Admin page > Opportunity Referral Field Mapping tab >  Search for 'Closed Lost Reason' field.
  2. Just like for Field Mapping, select a field from which you want to map values. It has to be a picklist field because Value Mapping only works with picklist fields.
  3. Once your selection is saved, go to 'Partners' tab and select the partner for which you want to configure Value Mapping.
  4. On the Partner page, go to 'Map Field Values' and expand Closed Lost Reason.
  5. If you have configured correctly to a picklist field on the Field Mapping page, then a table will be presented. Click 'Edit.'

  1. On the left column, you will see a list of source field values. The source field is the field that you have selected on the Field Mapping page, and this is the field from which the mapping will be taken.
  2. On the right side, you can select what should the value be mapped to
    1. By default, all values will be already configured to ‘Other’ (or ‘8-Other’ for Microsoft)
    2. You can select to map to any ‘allowed’ value. The partner defines the allowed values and currently coded into the package. There is currently a list of allowed values for Amazon and Microsoft partners.
  3. Once you have selected the values to map to, you can Save or Cancel.
  4. Also, there is an option to restore to default.
  5. If you need to change the source field, you need to go to the Field Mapping page and you can easily do so by clicking the button 'Go to Field Mapping'.

If the Value Mapping is not configured, it will always default to ‘Other’ (or ‘8-Other’ for Microsoft).

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