WorkSpan Admin Tab - Post Deployment Wizard


1. Post Deployment Wizard

Post Deployment Wizard allows you to automatically perform most of the Post Deployment Steps (PDS) that are required after a package upgrade, instead of doing them manually.

In order to perform any configuration on the Post Deployment Wizard tab, the user will require the ‘Salesforce Administrator’ profile.

1.1. Connected App Configuration

In order to use the Post Deployment Wizard, you first need to configure the Connected App.

The Connected App only needs to be configured once per install.
You do NOT need to configure the Connected App after each update.

To configure the Connected App, go to the WorkSpan Admin page, to the Post Deployment Wizard tab, expand the ‘Create the Connected App’ section and follow the on-screen instructions in that section.

You can mark each step as completed once you are done and once all the steps are marked as completed the whole section will be marked as completed.

1.2. Using the Post Deployment Wizard

Once the Connected App is configured, you can proceed to utilize the Post Deployment Wizard.

  1. Expand the Post Deployment Wizard section
  2. You will see a list of Post Deployment Steps (PDS) that the Wizard has.

    1. The steps that are marked by green ticks are already completed.
    2. The steps which have a blue circle are not yet completed
  1. Click ‘Start PDS Wizard’. A modal window will open and you will see a list of PDS that are going to be automatically completed by the Wizard

  1. Click Start and do not close the Wizard while it’s loading

  1. Once completed, you will see a confirmation screen with a list of automatically completed PDS

  1. Afterwards you can close the Wizard and see that all PDS are now done.

  1. When more automated PDS are added with each new package version you need to go and run the Wizard again. We recommend checking this page after each package update.

Not all Post Deployment Steps are automated through the Wizard, please refer to relevant PDS documentation to see if any PDS are still suggested/required to run manually.


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