WorkSpan Oct'23 Releases - v175.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Powerful grid editing enhances usability and provides a great user experience. WorkSpan-powered grid editing capability is focused on delivering a top-notch editing experience. Multi-tasking is much easier with this built-in feature as you play around with the multiple objects in the table view, increasing efficiency and saving time. What’s new here: 

  • Option to multi-select from the listed values and ability to search. Refer to the image below for “Account Source” and “Market Unit” columns.
  • Capability to single-select the values in addition to a text-search bar. Refer to the “Market Unit” column for single-select and the “Sourced by” column for search.
  • Enabled Auto-suggestions as you start typing the values, the system fetches values from the picklist values matching the entered text. Clearing the text will give you the list of all values for a specific column. For eg., Company Name in the “Sourced By 2” column in the given image. [v175.0.0]

2. Ability to upload calculated data via integrations helps avoid manual work. Often, there is a need to perform some calculations before importing data, and it requires manpower to execute the task. WorkSpan has built a capability that will honor formulas in the cell of integration uploaded files (.xlsx files) as the value of an object (e.g., Opportunity, Lead, etc.) field. Additionally, the formulas will be respected in case the files are uploaded via the action button on the shared Integration. This will help reduce manual work and allow you to focus on more value-added tasks, improving operational efficiency. [v175.0.0]

3. Load data faster with the inclusion of Partner Program filters in the initial stage of the Report. WorkSpan has added the flexibility to add the Partner Program filter for all kinds of objects (Activity, Opportunity) in the “Scope” tab of report creation. It allows you to fetch data from multiple parent objects (Partner Program) that the child objects (Opportunity, Activity, etc.) are associated with. 

Furthermore, you can choose to extract data from the objects the child object is linked to, e.g., Sales Plan, Solution, Marketing Plan, etc. This helps in expediting data loading as you add Program filters in the initial stage itself. For instance, you can add Partner Programs for the chosen child object (Activity) as shown in the image below: [v175.0.0]

4. Disabling “Create” button for Partner users. Admin users having access to required templates hit “Create MOU” button shown on the overview page UI to create an MOU object. And, when shared with partner users who do not have access to the template should not create new MOUs. 

To prevent this unwanted creation of MOUs by partner users, the “Create” button has been disabled at the template level and will be available only for the company owner (admin). Preventing partner users from creating records can help maintain data integrity and consistency, reducing the risk of inconsistent or incomplete data. The level of control and restrictions for partner users should align with your company’s specific goals and requirements. 

To disable the Create Object button, check the box next to “Hide Create Object button in landing page” in the Template Configuration and click “Save”.  [v175.0.0]

5. Decluttering the user interface by hiding the 3-dots menu from the object summary panel.  WorkSpan gives you the flexibility to show/hide the “3-dots menu” comprising “Task” and “Exclude” options on the Summary Panel of an object (e.g., Opportunity) per your business requirements.  Hiding irrelevant options will enhance your users' focus on the most important and frequently used features. It helps provide a cleaner interface for your users, thereby making it more user-friendly. [v175.0.0]

6. Assigning Role dynamically via API response. Dynamic allocation of user profiles  (e.g., “Viewer” access) in WorkSpan via API enables real-time updates to user access privileges. The API response from the partner company comprises role information used to update the user profile in WorkSpan. No additional manual work to update user profiles is required. Additionally, any existing role for a user, if updated from the API response, will also be honored. [v175.0.0]

7. Customizing Stage Chevrons in Tasks. You can now hide stage chevrons when accessing "Tasks" within the Sales Plan. Current stages available include "All," "In Planning," "In Execution," and "Closed." With this feature, users can personalize their experience by concealing chevrons for tasks in their respective parent-level template objects. For instance, if tasks are displayed within the Sales Plan, the Sales Plan template can effectively manage chevrons for those tasks. This customization persists even when sharing the object with different users, delivering a more refined and individualized user experience. [v175.0.0]

8. Data Validation with Error Logs for Integrations. WorkSpan has improved integration usability to ensure you feed correct data into the system. The integration uploaded file will now undergo pre-validation to extract and present validation error messages in a clear and precise format, if applicable. It's important to note that this validation is optional and can be enabled or disabled as needed. A Toast message will appear, prompting you to download the error file. The downloaded file will contain the following:

    1. Highlight errored cells in red color shade.
    2. Capture error descriptions for the errored cells corresponding to columns and rows of the input file. [v175.1.0]

9. Improved Stability for Table View and Reports Data Loading. With this improvement, you'll notice increased stability when loading data in table views and reports. Even in cases where the page may partially fail to load, you can still access and work on the current page. While the page count details may not be available, you can view data as the first page loads. It's worth noting that you can navigate to subsequent pages using the page navigation, although the option to jump to the last page is disabled when the page count is unknown. This enhancement ensures a seamless and uninterrupted user experience. [v175.1.0]

10. Sharing invitations with administrative privileges only. Admin users typically have elevated permissions, including sharing invitations with their partner users, so non-admin users do not require invitation-sharing access. However, currently, non-admin users are able to do so. In order to restrict object sharing, the sharing option will be shown to Admin users only. By limiting sharing to admin users, organizations can exercise greater control over what is shared, who it is shared with, and for what purpose. This helps prevent the sharing of sensitive and confidential information with every user.  [v175.2.0] 

11. Email Dispatch Enhancement: Expanded Recipient Options and BCC Functionality. The action buttons within the email dispatch feature have been refreshed. Earlier, users could add recipients to the "TO" and "CC" lists only. With this enhancement, users will have the ability to send all emails to Partners/Users with a copy (BCC) to a designated email address. This enhancement is particularly useful for Partner Managers who can monitor communications, identify missing partner contacts, and ensure comprehensive correspondence. Additionally, all emails sent to Partners will be automatically BCC'd to a common email address, streamlining communication and record-keeping. The screenshot below displays the action taken to request further information. [v175.2.0]

Bug Fixes

1. Ticket #15307: The password expiry functionality has been updated to resolve the bug associated with reset passwords. [v175.0.0]

2. Ticket #15390 The bug related to the 'Create Resource' button being enabled for all users and the functionality of the "Hide create object button on landing page" has been successfully resolved. [v175.0.0]

3. Ticket #15356: The issue related to the Total Deal Amount has been addressed. When a currency column is absent in the uploaded file, the currency field value will remain unaltered. Furthermore, if the currency column is designated with a blank value in XLS file, it will no longer overwrite the existing field with '0.0'. [v175.0.0]

4. Ticket #15574  Fixed bug pertaining to opportunities merging functionality throwing error. You can now merge multiple opportunities at once per business need. [v175.0.0]

5. Ticket #15499: The download option in the content library's resource tab was not functioning correctly before, but it has been successfully fixed as part of this issue. This fix does not disrupt any other download functionality in the product's areas, including integration, reporting, user provisioning flow, and field mapping. [v175.0.0]

6. Ticket #15407 Adding the solution template in the embed config has resolved the issue related to the error message during the creation of Activity/Sales Plan/Opportunity/Solution. [v175.0.0]

7.  Ticket #15416: The issue where the Description field data was cleared upon triggering an action button has been resolved. The current value of the description is now retrieved from the input, and this was achieved by updating the input value to the description field and not leaving it empty. [v175.0.0]

8. Ticket #14686 Ticket #14761 The "Top Deal" has been archived, and as a result, it will no longer be visible on the Opportunities and Reports Overview page. [v175.0.0]

9. On the Sales Plan, when creating a new view from the shared view list, the columns load correctly on the table view. This has been achieved by ensuring that the company ID stored in the datastore matches that of the company stored in the PSQL table. [v175.0.0]

10. Resolved the issue on the Activity page; users can now choose funds immediately upon the allocation table loading, and allocation request names display properly. Allocation requests in the canceled stage are no longer hidden from the user. [v175.0.0]

11. Users can now make changes in Grid Edit without the "Bulk Action" button becoming inactive. After saving changes, the "Bulk Action" button remains active and selectable, eliminating the need to refresh the screen and reconfigure previous settings. [v175.0.0]

12. An error message will now be displayed when the value for allocation to activity exceeds the remaining allocation amount. Additionally, if the Remaining to Allocate amount is already fully allocated, the value will be marked as zero. [v175.0.0]

13. Previously, changes to the Activity Start Date were not allowed. Now, on the activity page, both the Start and End dates can be modified when resubmitting an activity. Users can now set the Activity End Date to a future date, the error message has been adjusted, and the prior date is grayed out when selecting the start date before choosing the end date. [v175.0.0]

14. Currency fields did not support calculations, causing exceptions, which have been handled with a few configuration changes. Now, when the currency field is configured as a calculation field, the calculated amount is shown without exceptions. [v175.0.0]

15. Workcenter pusher notifications are now added to the desired queue so that users receive red dot notifications on the work centre while online. This change was implemented to reduce the high load on the database, and project comments are now de-duplicated per minute. [v175.0.0]

16. The issue concerning the Autolink Policy for Allocation and Activity has been resolved by deactivating it. The policy was attempting to connect multiple projects, which is no longer the case. [v175.0.0]

17. Sales Plans created by other company users using the same template and set as the default view for all users will now appear in the standard view list. [v175.0.0]

18. Ticket #15748: The issue with the table view displaying incorrect data for Project Manager and Implementor has been resolved through the implementation of special validations. [v175.0.0]

19. Ticket #15066: The issue of incorrect Activity Details filtering during Activity creation has been resolved. The dropdown value code has been fixed, ensuring proper Activity Type filtering based on Incentive Track, Sub-Track, and Type.  [v175.1.0]

20. Ticket #15113: The bug related to opportunities where modifying data in the staging views caused discrepancies in the metric dashboard view has been successfully resolved. The metric count now displays accurately when switching views after canceling grid edits. [v175.1.0]

21. Ticket #14809 Fixed a bug where plan owners couldn't add users to the "Partner_Manager" field. The dropdown list for the partner manager field will now show the appropriate values. [v175.1.0]

22. A bug in the Quick View/Summary view incorrectly updated the Plan Name field with the Activity Name after editing. This issue has been fixed, ensuring accurate data display. [v175.1.0]

23. The issue related to hiding tabs (e.g., Leads / Requests) that do not contain items in the object overview page, like Activity, has been resolved with a few changes in the template configuration. As a result, these objects associated with an Activity are now being properly populated. [v175.2.0]

24. Ticket #15702 In the past, when a user was removed from the owner role and later added as a collaborator, they couldn't see the Business Process Actions (BPAs), even though they should be visible to collaborators. This issue has been fixed by removing the redundant OR condition, and now the system functions as expected. [v175.3.0]

25. Ticket #15880 Ticket #15912 Ticket #15914 Ticket #15950 Earlier, in the Sales Plan under the tasks section, data was not listed. We have resolved this issue, and now the table view correctly displays both current tasks and previously listed tasks. [v175.3.0]

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