WorkSpan Salesforce App Releases_v1.15 & v1.16


New Features and Enhancements

1. Seamless Package Installation process.  During the package installation within SFDC, no lookup field for the referral will be created on the Opportunity object. A new field with equivalent functionality of “SourceReferral” has been introduced, and this field is configured as a Free Text field. This new implementation retains the same capabilities as the previous lookup field, allowing users to install the package without encountering any failures.[v1.15]

Note: The original field “SourceReferral” has been deprecated, but it still needs to be deleted

2. SAP Partner Integration and Configuration

We have made the following updates specifically for SAP referrals:

     a. Within the Opportunity Referral, when you initiate the creation or editing of a referral intended only for SAP, you'll notice the inclusion of the following new fields in both Incoming and Outgoing referrals. These additions facilitate seamless data exchange, elevate data management, and simplify the integration process.

Furthermore, in the Partner Referral object, we've introduced two new fields that have view-only access and cannot be edited.

    1. SAP CRM Solution Names: This field will display SAP CRM Solution Names and is set to view-only mode.
    2. Partner Source Ref ID: This field will display the Partner Source Ref ID and is set to view-only mode.

Additionally, we have included a "SAP Specific Fields" section in both the Partner Opportunity Referral and Opportunity Referral layouts, containing these two fields. This section will be visible exclusively for incoming and outgoing SAP record types.

These enhancements aim to streamline the user interface and provide specific fields relevant to SAP-related records, improving the overall user experience and data management within the system.

       b. Customized View and Edit layouts of Opportunity Referral for SAP partner. 

    1. A new highlighting component has been added to feature four fields: Name, Owner, Direction, and Referral Status.
    2. The "My Company Custom Field" section has been introduced for SAP. This section permits customers to incorporate their custom fields in the referral object for editing while ensuring they are not read-only when viewing.

Additionally, there is a "Partner Custom Fields" section, which is designated as read-only. This  section displays the fields configured for SAP in WorkSpan.

    1. Sales Details” for both Incoming and Outgoing referrals.

      c. Streamlined validation process. Aligned custom validations across the following fields, 

         1. Custom validation for all fields will adhere to the validation rules, and it applies to all records, excluding partner-specific cases. 

Note: It's important to note that the recent validation refactoring will not be included in this release. Therefore, validations will continue to trigger in most cases, except for API changes and the Auto-create flow.

        2. Other validations are standardized, ensuring identical for both Incoming and Outgoing record types for custom objects.

      1. When the "Ready for Submit" field contains a value, no validations will be executed on the "Required Fields From Trigger For Submit".
      2. Currency validations will not be carried out for SAP Incoming or Outgoing records.

      d. The number of buttons now exclusively includes "Edit," "Link Opportunity," and "Create Opportunity."

     e. Customized the Integration Lightning Web Component (LWC) for SAP to display only the “SFDC to WS” sync and “WS to SFDC” sync options.[v1.15]

3. Streamlined Resubmit Workflow. This enhancement streamlines the resubmit workflow for a more user-friendly experience. On the Opportunity Referral page,  the resubmit modal has been replaced with a standard edit window while retaining the "Resubmit" button and "RESUBMITTED_REFERRAL" status post-resubmission. When the "Resubmit" button is clicked, a standard Edit window opens.

    1. Users now receive validation messages.
    2. Successfully resolved validation errors allow the referral to be saved and sent to its original destination.
    3. The last sync status is automatically updated to "REFERRAL_RESUBMITTED". [v1.16]

4. Refactoring 'Edited by Integration field'. With the addition of the "Edit By" field, which tracks the source of referral edits, a new enhancement has been implemented. Now, when a referral is edited by integration, the "Edit By" field will be populated with the value "Integration." This enhancement allows for the removal of the old "Edited by Integration" field while maintaining all existing functionality. This streamlined approach ensures the continued functionality of the system with minimal usage of fields. [v1.16]

5. Improved Referral Notes Validation for Amazon. In an effort to improve data consistency, a new enhancement has been introduced for the Referral Notes field, specifically for Amazon Outgoing referrals. This enhancement sets a validation rule to ensure that the character length in the Referral Notes does not exceed 255 characters. All other existing requirements for the Description field, with the exception of the minimum 50 characters, are applied to the Referral Notes field. It ensures that Referral Notes adhere to the specified character limit when marked as "Ready for Submit"."[v1.16]

6. Upgraded Microsoft Partner Referral Page. Within the customer-specific field section on the Microsoft Partner referral page, "Customer Contact Title" has been transformed into a non-mandatory field. Moreover, the error message for Microsoft-specific fields has been adjusted to align with this enhancement, providing users more flexibility when completing referrals. [v1.16]

Bug Fixes

1. Resolved a bug where Incoming referrals no longer feature the ‘Resubmit’ button.[v1.15]

2. Fixed the bug where the ‘edit’ modal on Referral did not close properly. Now, the modal will automatically close, ensuring the correct modal is displayed based on the following criteria:

  • When the status is ‘Launched,’ the modal will close, and actions related to ‘Launched in ACE’ or ‘Launched at ACE’ will be executed.
  • When the status is ‘Action Required,’ the modal will close, allowing actions related to ‘Action Required’ to proceed as expected.[v1.15]

3. Fixed the bug after attempting to create opportunities when field mapping is set up, granted the AutoCreateReferral Permission Set similar to the SalesOps Permission Set. This adjustment ensures consistent permissions and mitigates the reported issues.[v1.15]

4. On the custom submit layout, changes have been made to the field requirements for a better user experience. For Amazon, certain fields that were previously marked as required have now been designated as optional, while specific fields that were not previously required are now mandatory on the custom submit (outgoing) layout. [v1.16]

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