WorkSpan Nov'23 Releases - v176.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Enhanced chart downloads for easy sharing: A new feature that allows you to download tabular charts in XSLX format, similar to the existing download option for other charts. This enhancement provides users with the convenience of downloading tabular data from charts, making it easier to analyze and share the information.

2.  Simplified data management using Bulk Delete. The latest addition to the Bulk Action feature in WorkSpan is the capability to BULK DELETE. The powerful feature lets you remove multiple items, e.g., Archived objects., or files, in a single operation. It helps you optimize routine data cleanup tasks and save time, ensuring the system remains organized and efficient.

3. Optimized Landing Page Experience for Object Types. A new enhancement has been made to the landing page experience for object types such as Plans, Programs, and Partner Plans. Upgraded the design to a more user-friendly table view. This transition from the card view to the efficient table view offers improved functionality, such as view creation, filters, sorting, and faster page loading. This transformation showcases improvements on the Object landing pages, like Opportunities. You can preview the view on the Plans landing page in the screenshot below.  

4. Collaborative, multi-level Approval Management. You can now enable collaborative multi-level approval workflows for your Partners to manage Claims, Activities, Solutions, etc. You can configure the additional attributes/information you require from Partners during the submission and create back-and-forth workflows to collaborate with them during the approval process. 

Partners can see updates/feedback on specific documents and submit the required information during the approval cycle without having to submit a new Claim, Activity, Solution, etc. You can have fine-grained control over the information that partners can update to maintain the integrity of the approval. Additional features include grouping similar files, configurable validation conditions to allow/disallow add/update/delete operations on already provided and mandatory information, and defined access control conditions.

5. Improved the onboarding experience for new users. We have significantly improved the onboarding experience for new users by revamping the content of our existing onboarding emails to enhance informativeness. The newly redesigned emails clearly articulate the value that Workspan delivers, facilitating a better understanding of the platform for new users.

In addition, the revamped verification email will now include information about the total number of users from existing companies already on the platform. This data aims to assist new users in making informed decisions about joining the Workspan Network.

   The content of the following three emails has been revamped as part of this enhancement:

  • Verification email for new users of new companies
  • Verification email for new users of existing companies
  • Account activation email after successful verification

Bug Fixes

1. Ticket #15209 Addressed a bug in the Sales Plan's Opportunities View where, after applying a filter condition, the resulting data now correctly displays on the table view, meeting the specified criteria. Previously, applying a filter condition resulted in data that did not align with the specified criteria. Additionally, the issue where saved filter conditions were not reflected upon refreshing the view has been fixed.  [v176.0.0]

2. Ticket #15946 The My Company Users section previously displayed namespace values in the dropdown, causing potential access discrepancies. This issue has been resolved by removing the namespace values from the dropdown. Following the user authorisation process, specific namespaces will now process these records within 24 hours, ensuring timely access for users. [v176.0.0]

3. The issue concerning the action button appearing in WorkCenter notifications, even when it was disabled post-allocation creation, has been resolved. [v176.0.0]

4. Fixed the unhandled error toast messages, including service not available and internal server error, by handling the exceptions based on the response status code.  [v176.0.0]

5. Resolved an error message occurring during the archiving of an opportunity. You can now successfully archive opportunities even when the project has multiple member companies. This fix addresses the issue where the error prevented archiving opportunities in projects with multiple member companies. [v176.0.0]

6. The request action button on the WorkCenter was not updating the input in the text field and corresponding actions as expected. This issue has been resolved by directly accessing the service within the module. [v176.0.0]

7. The problem with the Email action button triggering for archived objects, even when the required conditions were not satisfied, has been resolved. The issue causing the system to send emails based on outdated project information retrieved from the cache has been addressed. This was likely mitigated by fixing the cache deletion process to ensure accurate and up-to-date project information. [v176.0.0]

8. Ticket #15800 Earlier, while archiving opportunities, an error “Oops, something went wrong” popped up on the screen. This bug has been fixed, leading to the optimization of your routine data cleanup tasks and saving time. [v176.2.0] 

9. Ticket #15669 Fixed bug pertaining to opportunities merging functionality throwing error. You can now merge multiple opportunities at once per business need. [v176.2.0] 

10. Uploading files via integration and creating Opportunity objects failed due to incorrect data type. After the fix, the unique identifier can distinguish each record from the file and create it as an opportunity in WorkSpan. [v176.2.0] 

11. The issue about data not getting updated in the table view after editing in the summary panel has been resolved. You can now view the updated record once you save it successfully. [v176.2.0] 

12. Fixed issue related to opportunity not opening when clicked from the search results. [v176.2.0] 

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