Updates in AWS Version 2: What's New?


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What do these changes mean for you?
    2.1. Recent referral sync issues
    2.2. Current open items related to v2 updates
3. FAQs
4. Additional resources

1. Introduction

Exciting news! AWS has recently launched enhancements (v2) to the partner experience in Partner Center (i.e. ACE).  WorkSpan, as a strategic integration partner of AWS, is working with the AWS ACE team to ensure a smooth transition to the new version for all WorkSpan customers who have enabled integrations to ACE.

2. What do these changes mean for you?

As a WorkSpan user, these enhancements should be fine with your AWS Co-Sell experience.  You will see a set of new fields and validations in the ACE portal (which has already been migrated to the v2 experience). At the same time, in your WorkSpan app, you will continue to see the v1 experience until we help you manage a smooth transition to v2 on WorkSpan. With WorkSpan’s v1 experience, your Co-Sell processes will continue to work as before, with no immediate need to enable your teams to use the new AWS enhancements.  

Therefore, WorkSpan strongly recommends using WorkSpan for all your Co-Sell flows to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. If you utilize the ACE portal for your processes, please note that data for newly introduced fields in AWS' v2 release will not be visible in WorkSpan until updates are enabled. This is not expected to impact your business operations. No fields introduced with AWS’ v2 release will display in WorkSpan.

Should you encounter any unforeseen challenges or errors, please contact your WorkSpan customer success manager or WorkSpan Support (email: support@workspan.com). We constantly communicate with the ACE engineering team to address and swiftly resolve any issues that may arise.

WorkSpan is actively developing and will soon unveil a detailed plan for the smooth transition to the upgraded v2 experience. WorkSpan will ensure that all your existing data and processes are upgraded to support v2 definitions. We will be coming to you with more details on that planned transition through our customer success teams. 

2.1. Recent referral sync issues

Recent issues with referrals failing to sync with ACE are due to outages experienced by the AWS ACE system.  We are actively communicating with AWS to resolve these issues and are in the process of setting up daily syncs.

2.2. Current open items related to v2 updates

We have identified a few issues faced by partners due to AWS’s v2 rollout, and we are proactively addressing them with the ACE engineering team. Some of the key issues identified are:

  1. When submitting a new referral, the Customer Postal Code for some countries (e.g. UAE) is not getting accepted.
  2. When creating referrals, an Invalid picklist value error for ‘Customer State’ is triggered.
  3. When sending SaaS documentation field values while launching a referral, partners are witnessing Inconsistent responses from ACE.

If you are facing any other issues that are not listed above, please contact your WorkSpan customer success manager or WorkSpan Support (email:support@workspan.com).

We have curated a list of FAQs to help answer some of your questions regarding these changes.

3. FAQs

1. How does WorkSpan manage the new fields introduced in v2? 

AWS has introduced new fields (e.g., Opportunity Type) in v2 to capture additional details for your referrals. Only a few of these new fields are mandatory in nature (e.g., Sales Activities), and such fields will be defaulted by ACE.  All the non-mandatory fields will be left blank.

Mandatory New Fields

Default Value in ACE

Opportunity Type Net New Business
Sales Activities Initialized discussion with the customer
Partner Solution Offered


For WorkSpan users, ACE will continue to support creating and updating referrals without providing the new fields introduced in v2.  So, though these new fields are going to be visible in ACE (as ACE has already migrated to v2), you’ll not see these fields in WorkSpan until we migrate to v2. 

2. How does WorkSpan manage the updates to existing fields and validations? 

AWS has introduced some modifications for the existing fields, as given below:

Type of Change

How is it handled?

Picklist value changes

Old values are accepted by ACE for CRM integration on v1.

Single-select to Multi-select Partners can continue to send just one value.
Validation Changes

New validations are NOT applied on referral data sent by CRM integration on v1.

Deprecation of fields

ACE will continue to accept the data in these fields from CRM integration (though this information won't be visible on the ACE portal anymore).

These changes do not affect the flow of referrals for the existing fields, and you can continue with the current flow.

3. What will change with the new FVO option added in the outgoing referrals?

AWS has introduced a new type of POs called ‘For Visibility Only’ (FVO). For WorkSpan customers, all POs will continue to flow as "Co-Sell". The FVO option will be available in WorkSpan after we upgrade to v2.

4. When marking referrals as “from the marketplace” during the launch process, are there any additional details required?

No. Partners using WorkSpan are not required to provide additional details during the launch process. If using the ACE UI, additional details are required.

5. As I cannot specify the Opportunity Type in WorkSpan yet, what will ACE consider my referrals as?

All POs going for WorkSpan currently will default to "Net new business" for Opportunity Type. Once WorkSpan is upgraded to the v2 data model, you can specify the Opportunity Type for any new referral.

6. How will WorkSpan transition to v2?

Upon your consent, we will transition you to v2, handling all the changes in the background.  Your WorkSpan Customer Success Manager will work with you on this transition. This transition is irreversible after implementation.

7. How will launching this enhancement impact opportunities?

There will be no change in the current flow. Our recommendation is to maintain existing processes for launching opportunities.

8. What if errors occur in the existing process?

If any issues arise, partners are encouraged to report them to WorkSpan Support or your WorkSpan customer success manager, who are closely monitoring for errors and coordinating with the ACE team for resolution.

4. Additional resources

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