Co-Sell with Hyperscalers v7.4 - Nov'23 Releases


New Feature and Enhancement

1. Enhanced Error Messages for Microsoft Referrals. When accepting an incoming referral from Microsoft, the system now provides more informative error messages. In case of an error, the message includes the names of the respective fields that caused the issue. This improvement enhances the clarity of error notifications, facilitating a more efficient resolution process.

Bug Fixes

1. The issue where the Microsoft inbound referral was incorrectly appearing as outbound on the WS SFDC app has been fixed. The resolution involves preventing the referral direction from being overwritten from SFDC, ensuring accurate and consistent representation of referral directions.

2. The issue where a referral, created in Microsoft and while accepted in Workspan through SFDC, was reverting back to the Pending status has been addressed and resolved.

3. The issue within the SFDC portal, where updates or messages in the "Integration Message" section were getting stacked and were not clearing as expected, has been resolved. This was addressed by updating the referral status. For the Accepted referrals, we are updating the referral status as Closed Lost when a partner marks their CRM sales stage, which is equivalent to Closed Lost in ACE.

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