Co-Sell with Hyperscalers v7.5 - Dec '23 Releases


New Features and Enhancements

1. Referral Expiration Date Visibility Upgrade. To enhance the user experience, WorkSpan has incorporated the display of referral expiration dates in specific table views. For AWS, the "Accept By" column has been introduced in the "AWS_Incoming_Referrals - Pending Action" view after the Referral Received on Date. Similarly, for Microsoft (MSFT), the "Referral Expiration Date" column is now available in the "MPC Incoming Referral - Pending Action" view. This update provides users with crucial information about referral expiration dates, allowing for better management and timely action on pending referrals. The included screenshot pertains to the Amazon template view.

2. Email Template Enhancement: Customer Country Field for Improved Context. WorkSpan has enhanced email templates by introducing the Customer Country field for both AWS and Microsoft. This addition streamlines internal business processes, offering valuable context about the referral's country. Integrated into reports, this enhancement empowers clients for more relevant discussions, facilitating a smoother workflow. The included screenshot pertains to the Amazon email template.

3. Streamlined Address Validation for Seamless Partner Collaboration with Google. WorkSpan has introduced a new value-added service for sending the valid Customer address to Google on the customer's behalf so that the referral gets successfully shared with Google & customers don't need to manually fix the address. We can take Customer Country or Customer Country & Customer State as input & send the valid default values in the State/City/Pincode & Street Address fields.

Note: Please note that the default address that we would send to Google won't overwrite the address in your CRM so that your CRM data remains intact.

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