WorkSpan Dec'23 Releases - v177.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Making informed choices based on sorted Column data. The report enhancement allows you to sort columns in the initial stage of report creation, i.e., while defining the report with columns to show sorted values on the report. It will help you to analyze data in different ways, such as arranging numbers in ascending or descending order. With this capability, partner users can quickly identify trends and patterns. 

Note: Sorting is only supported on the “Report” table view and is inapplicable for “Charts” - e.g., displaying counts in pie charts in descending order for “Opportunities” in each stage.

For instance, in the below example, “Activity created date” and “Stage change date” can be sorted in the “Columns” section to show the results either in ascending or descending order in the table view. Well-sorted reports enhance decision-making by prominently presenting key information and extracting critical insights.

2. Strengthened validations of staging table records to prevent the updation of invalid data. This enhancement aims to improve a robust data type check for incoming rows against the staging table. The process involves validating staging table records against the configured staging table schema data types. If the data is found to be invalid, the update for that particular row will be skipped, and an error file with the appropriate error reason will be generated. This ensures data integrity throughout the system and a streamlined approach. The attachment displays error messages, including the respective field names, when incorrect data is uploaded.

3. Extending ability to hide stages corresponding to chevrons. Stages and chevrons are interconnected, and for Unplanned tasks that lack their workflow, stages are not applicable. However, in the current scenario, only “Chevrons” can be hidden, leading to further confusion. To simplify it, the hiding functionality is extended to stages and chevrons. You can now abstain from displaying chevrons and their associated stages in the table view, providing better clarity to your partner users. You can achieve this by checking the box next to “Hide Chevron and Stage column in Tasks” in the template configuration. 

4. Upgraded Line item visibility in Opportunity. Line items that were private are now shareable with Partners. This enhancement ensures public fields under Product Line Items (PLI) appear in both the table view and partner reports. It honors template-level privacy settings, ensuring consistent controls across UIs. Implementation includes the specific condition that is turned OFF by default. The below-attachment illustrates a report shared without including private fields. 

5. Easy to track stage transitions on the objects in Activity Logs. The enhancement provides a transparent and verifiable record of your partner user interactions when moving the stage of an Object via the “Action button” / “Move stage” button / Integration. Capturing stage movement is key and serves as a comprehensive record that can be leveraged for user behavior analysis and enhance accountability. It helps in influencing decision-making processes. Further, maintaining logs contributes to the overall reliability and effectiveness of the system.

6. Enhanced Dynamic Role Assignment. You will now receive dynamic roles based on PSS attributes, taking into account the project field value. For instance, if the access type is Provider MDF, the user gains Collaborator access; if it's Global MDF, the user gets Participant access. This enhancement extends support for repeated access types, ensuring that the user receives the highest associated role—in the example of both Provider MDF and Global MDF, Collaborator access is granted.

7. Checklist facilitates smooth user onboarding and enhances operational efficiency. WorkSpan has introduced a collapsible checklist to guide you in undertaking important tasks after joining. This checklist ensures that your profile (admin/non-admin) is comprehensive, well-presented, and aligns with your personal or professional goals on WorkSpan. Regularly updating and maintaining your profile is vital for keeping it current and relevant. The below image shows the checklist for an admin user. Simply click on “Dismiss Checklist” to simplify the screen after the successful completion of the onboarding process.

8. Personalize your experience with Persona selection. The powerful capability enables you to select a persona based on your role in the company and view a tailored dashboard, ensuring that the information presented is relevant to your role or interests. The feature helps you quickly access the data and features you use most frequently, increasing efficiency, relevance, security, and overall satisfaction. It contributes to a more user-centric experience, catering to your diverse needs and preferences. You can choose multiple Personas, as shown in the image below.

9. Date format configuration for Integration uploads. The new enhancement focuses on precision in date formatting for integrations. Previously, errors were due to varied date formats, leading to inaccuracies. With the introduction of a specific date format (DD/MM/YYYY), you are now required to adhere to this standard during integration. This ensures accurate interpretation of user-uploaded dates, eliminating misinterpretation issues. The impact is a confident and error-free date upload experience, enhancing the overall reliability of the integration process. The below-attachment represents the Date Format Configuration on a Lead page. 

10. Improved Performance and Stability for Indirect Access Policy. In the Indirect Access Policy page, enhanced performance and stability have been implemented without any functionality alterations. The following events, which were previously disabled, are now enabled to trigger the indirect policy:

     1. ProjectUpdateCRM: Project creation/update with integration.

     2. ProjectUpdate: Project creation/update manually.

     3. ProjectSectionUpdate: Project section creation/update manually.

11. Real-time Access Policy Rerun on User Attribute Updates. In cases where user attributes impacting eligibility criteria are updated via any source (PSS, bulk upload), a new enhancement has been introduced. This enhancement ensures that the Access Policy is rerun automatically and in real-time, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

12. Promoting intuitive and productive user journey with dynamic child tab visibility configuration. Experience streamlined navigation and a clutter-free interface with the new ability to control the visibility of child tabs (e.g., Opportunity) based on related objects (e.g., Sales Plan, Activity, etc.). This enhancement not only enhances user experience but also declutters the UI, providing a more organized workspace. Users can now tailor their interface, improving efficiency and focusing on relevant information. The ability to choose when to show or hide tabs enhances overall efficiency and user experience. The below screen capture depicts the Opportunity tab being hidden while there is no data. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket #13268 Inconsistencies in date format (mm/dd/yyyy vs. dd/mm/yyyy) in the Activity Object have been resolved. Implemented a visible label/help text for supported date formats reflecting precisely on the WorkSpan application UI. 
  2. Ticket #15899 Ticket #16106 The issue with line item reports not displaying Opportunities correctly based on applied filters has been resolved. Creating views with the same filters in the Sales Plan table will now accurately match the Opportunities count with the report count.
  3. Ticket #11842 Fixed limitations in the Sales Plan Opportunities grid edit mode for the "Opportunity Notes" field, enabling both horizontal and vertical extension in viewing and editing modes.
  4. Ticket #14227 Ticket #15429 Resolved an issue where generating a report with Product Line Items based on Opportunities resulted in continuous loading and eventual error. The fix involved updating the template by changing the Line Items field definition from Private to Public, ensuring the report now loads seamlessly without errors.
  5. Addressed the issue where the Programs list in reports was not displaying correctly. Now, you can add an unlimited number of programs to a report, and the visibility glitch where a selected program remains in the dropdown list is resolved.
  6. Previously, there was an issue with the date format in charts that was incompatible with the field date format. This problem has been addressed, and now the charts will display dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format, ensuring compatibility and a more accurate representation of data. 

Known Issue

  1. Ticket #16168 [Error Occurs when Filtering by 'Sourced to Alliance' Name Column in Opportunities Table View]
    1. Summary: Applying any filter options except Blank and Not Blank in the opportunities table view generates an error and doesn’t display the filtered values for some users.
    2. Workaround: Refresh the page and try selecting the filter options again. Your opportunity table should accept the filter after the refresh.
    We are aware of the table view filtering issue and are actively working to address this in the upcoming release.
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