WorkSpan Salesforce App Releases_v1.17


New Features and Enhancements

1. Marketplace Canvas Implementation. This enhancement introduces two tabs to the Workspan Salesforce App: Marketplace and Offers. The Marketplace tab, positioned as the main tab on the app, provides direct access to WorkSpan web app functionality, contingent on meeting permission requirements. Similarly, the Offers tab, positioned as a sub-tab of the Opportunity record, offers direct access to WorkSpan web app functionality related to the selected Opportunity.

  • Authentication and Permissions: You can view the contents of the Marketplace tabs by authenticating into WorkSpan directly from these tabs. Permissions to access the Marketplace tabs are governed by the Permission Sets assigned to Users.
  • Admin Setup Toggle: A toggle has been added to the Admin Setup page, allowing flexibility in controlling access. When the toggle is on, Account Executive (AE) and Sales Ops Manager (SOM) users receive relevant permission sets to view the Offers and Marketplace tabs, respectively. Conversely, when the toggle is off, these permissions are revoked.

This enhancement streamlines user access to Workspan web app functionality within Salesforce, enhancing user experience and flexibility.

2. Automated Search Layout Update for Referral Object. Enhanced PDS for Partner [Opportunity] Referral Object Search Layout. The PDS Wizard is updated to include the functionality of selecting fields for the "Partner [Opportunity] Referral" object's search layout. The specified fields, "Referral" and "APN CRM ID," are now available for configuration, enhancing the PDS capabilities.

3. Improved Referrals Pending for Submission List View. The existing "Referrals Pending for Submission" list view is enhanced to include two additional filters: "Outgoing Only" and "Submitted to Partner." This improvement ensures a more refined and accurate display of pending referrals by excluding incoming referrals and those already submitted, aligning with users' specific search criteria.

4. Automatic Referral Closed Lost Mapping on Opportunity Linking. This enhancement ensures that when a user links a Closed Lost Opportunity to an existing Referral, the Referral Closed Lost Reason mapping is automatically triggered. The system will now update the Referral Closed Lost Reason based on the Sales Stage and Closed Lost Reason obtained from the Opportunity. This enhancement aims to streamline the process, providing accurate and up-to-date information on the linked Referral, specifically when the Closed Lost Reason field is blank.

5. Enhanced Management of Expired Referrals. This enhancement introduces several improvements to the Expired Referral functionality. For Amazon partners, if the 'Accept By' date has passed, a prominent banner will be displayed on the referral, indicating that it has expired. Additionally, a dedicated List View will highlight all referrals that are about to expire within the next three days, providing better visibility to users. To avoid confusion, the Referral Expiry Date and Accept By dates are synchronized, ensuring consistency.

The Referral Expiry Date has been transformed into a date/time field for enhanced precision. These enhancements aim to streamline the user experience and facilitate proactive management of referrals. The provided screenshot illustrates that the referral for Partner Amazon has expired.

Note: It's important to note that for other partners, no banner will be shown, ensuring a differentiation in the user experience.

6. Revamped Admin Setup Page for Improved User Experience. Enhanced the Admin Setup page with a cleaner design, additional information (including support email address), a status indicator for the WS connection, and a summary section displaying WorkSpan permission sets and their user assignments. Required permission sets now feature warnings if unassigned, with quick links for user additions. The below-attachment refers to the connection establishment.  

The below-attachment refers to the inclusion of new users.   

7. Editable Customer Details for AWS Referral Updates. This enhancement allows the editing of specific fields in the “Customer Details” section for AWS. The designated fields are now editable on the layout of incoming referrals. Validation rules remain unchanged, allowing edits only when the fields are empty. Custom fields related to the Launch process are unaffected by this enhancement. 

8. Intermediate Launch Status for a detailed referral view. In the Integration section, WorkSpan will now send two additional statuses, "Launch Submitted" and "Launch Failed," between the existing "Accepted" and "Launched" statuses. "Launch Submitted" indicates that the referral has been submitted for launch but has not yet been launched, while "Launch Failed" indicates a failed submission.

Note: To enable the functionality delivered in this release, kindly inform after completing the update to SFDC 1.17. Our support team will initiate a refresh of your action buttons.


Bug Fix

1. Updated Microsoft Closed Lost Reason value labels to align with the correct 'dash' (-) type, resolving recognition issues. This bug fix ensures uniformity across PicklistsMappingSvc and field metadata.

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