WorkSpan Jan'24 Releases - v178.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

1. Performance optimization for faster loading of WorkCenter Requests.

Product: WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

Some users were witnessing longer load times on the WorkCenter Requests before they could perform any tasks on the 'Actions' tab. WorkSpan has optimized the WorkCenter performance, allowing faster loading of Programs, Plans, Activities, etc. across various categories as shown in the image below. Users can now swiftly build filters and take quick actions, ensuring a seamless workflow. Additionally, a manual refresh option has been added for real-time updates, providing timestamps from the WorkCenter. 

Key Benefits
1. Swift actions with faster loading times
2. Higher workflow efficiency
3. Real-time updates with accurate timestamps

2. Bulk update of records via Integration improves operational efficiency.

Product: WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

Previously, users could edit the names and values of Opportunities, Leads, etc., only via the UI, and they could do this only one record at a time. Now, we have introduced the ability to update names for existing items in bulk via Integrations. The changes made through Integration or UI are now displayed in the  Change Log. The illustration below showcases the bulk updation of records via integration and the changes tracked in the log.

Key Benefits

1. Enables bulk updates of names for existing records through Integrations. 
Updates for name changes are audited, providing better viability and traceability as to who made the changes and when they were made. 

Bug Fix

 1. Issue where “Move Stage”, “Create Activity,” and other actions were taking 8-10 seconds to complete has been addressed, ensuring a more efficient and prompt completion of the actions.

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