Co-Sell with AWS - Customer Off boarding Checklist.



WorkSpan : SFDC & ACE Decommission

  • Referral Data BackUp / Export (Optional)
    • Referral data can be backed up by creating a new Report under WorkSpan.
    • Generate a report using the “Opportunity Referrals with Partner Data” type as highlighted in the screenshot below.
    • Select all the columns run the report and export the data into a spreadsheet.


  • WorkSpan App Uninstallation on SFDC
    • Navigate to the SetUp section on your SFDC app enter “Installed Packages” in the “Quick Find / Search” section and select Installed Packages which will navigate to the section highlighted in the screenshot below.

  • Click on the “Uninstall” link as highlighted in the screenshot above.
  • (Optional) Click on the radio button below the page if you would like to have a copy of the package data for 48 hours after uninstall.
  • Validate the Checkbox and click on the uninstall button.


  • Decommission Connection between WorkSpan & ACE
    • WorkSpan : The WAIS S3 will be deactivated by the WorkSpan Ops Team.  Please create a support ticket by sending an email to requesting to Decommission Connection between WorkSpan & ACE
    • Partner : The partner should disable the AWS ACE S3 permission for WorkSpan.
      • The IAM policy for the ACE S3 needs to be deleted from ACE; this would decommission the integration connection between WorkSpan and ACE.


  • WorkSpan Account & User decommissioning  
    • WorkSpan SRE Team will take care of decommissioning the users & accounts from the WorkSpan platform.

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