WorkSpan Salesforce App Releases_v1.19.2


New Features and Enhancements

1. Consolidated Solutions Tab for all Hyperscalers in the WorkSpan SFDC App.

Product: Hyperscaler Edition 

In the SFDC app, partner users can access/ view solutions for all hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft, Google) from a consolidated "Solutions" tab., which will now display three columns: Solution (renamed from Microsoft Solution), Solution ID, and Partner Name. Previously, the tab was limited to Microsoft solutions, which may have been restrictive for partner users who work with solutions from other hyperscalers like AWS and Google. 

Additionally, partner users can now click on "New Solution" to add solutions from different hyperscalers/partners' names, with the Solution and Partner Name fields available for editing. Users can also easily add new solutions by importing them using a CSV file, making it a convenient way to add and manage multiple hyperscaler solutions.

Key Benefits:
--> Centralized location for accessing all Hyperscaler solutions.
--> A convenient way to add/ import new solutions.
--> Save time by adding multiple solutions simultaneously through CSV uploads.

2. Simplified Referral View for Partner Users

Product: Hyperscaler Edition

We’ve made improvements to provide partner users with a unified referral view, aligning with the ACE on the Opportunity referral creation page. New fields are now available in sections like Opportunity Details, Customer Details, and AWS-specific fields, offering enhanced customization and data capture. Modifications, such as updating the data types and field validations. For instance, converting the APN Program has been changed from single-select to multi-select, enhancing flexibility and accuracy. We’ve deprecated irrelevant fields to reduce errors and improve efficiency, resulting in enhanced user satisfaction and better outcomes.

Key Benefits:
--> Cleaner Interface: By hiding deprecated fields, the interface becomes cleaner and less cluttered.
--> Reduced Confusion: Streamlined views reduce confusion and enhance overall efficiency for partner users.

3. Enhanced Referral Rejection Reason

Product: Hyperscaler Edition 

Now, partner users declining AWS Originated referrals can select a reason from a predefined picklist. This enhancement ensures partner users provide a clear rationale for rejection, contributing valuable insights. If a reason is not provided, the rejection process is stopped, aligning with AWS's referral rejection compliance requirement. 

Key Benefits:
--> Clear Rejection Rationale: Users can select a reason from a predefined list, providing clear insights into the rejection.
--> Enhanced Referral Quality: Specific feedback improves the quality of future referrals and enhances the effectiveness of AWS's recommendations for partner users.

4. Managing the help needed from AWS 

Product: Hyperscaler Edition 

Partner users can quickly request support from AWS by clicking the "Convert to Co-sell" button. During the process, Partner users must specify the partner-specific needs of AWS to provide a specific reason for the Co-sell decision.

The "Convert to Co-sell" button is available for referrals in "Visibility Only" status. Clicking it reveals three fields: "Partner-specific needs from AWS," "Sales Activities," and "Next Steps." Users can then choose to proceed with the conversion or cancel it. Upon conversion, the referral status changes to "Support needed from AWS."

Key Benefits:
--> Efficient Conversion: Simplifies the process for partner users to convert opportunities seamlessly.
--> Enhanced Partnership Support: Allows users to provide specific reasons and contribute relevant information to support the partnership with AWS.

5. Enhanced Analytics and Integration

Product: Hyperscaler Edition 

We have introduced new fields to facilitate analytics from AWS like Co-sell Convert Reason, Recommended Next Best Action, and Propensity to Buy Score. Integration with the Marketplace is facilitated through Solution Offered ID and Propensity to Buy fields. Partner users can refine referral quality by specifying AWS Products, Opportunity Type, Parent CRM ID, and National Security status. Below is the list of fields that have been added:

Key Benefits:

--> Improved Co-Selling success factor.
--> Better understanding to capitalize on referral
--> Efficient Workflow management.

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