WorkSpan Salesforce App - Package Update Fail due to Record Type conflict


Problem Statement

When attempting to upgrade from a managed package version in 1.14 or before, the upgrade can fail with a similar error message to this:

  • (Referral__c.IncomingSAP) Global value set 'Approval_Status__c' in record type 'Incoming SAP' on the entity 'workspan__Referral__c' cannot be resolved.
  • Referral__c.IncomingSAP: Global value set 'Approval_Status__c' in record type 'Incoming SAP' on the entity 'workspan__Referral__c' cannot be resolved.

This is a known issue with Salesforce.

Who could experience this problem?

Customers who have created new custom picklists or multi-picklists on the Opportunity Referral object AND did so in the managed package version 1.14 or before. 

Potential Workarounds

The following options are recommended workarounds that will allow a customer to successfully upgrade and start using AWS v2:

1. Soft delete the field(s), upgrade the package, then undelete the field(s) [Recommended]

Steps to take:

  1. Backup of all Opportunity Referral records just in case. Perform an export using Data Loader or any other third-party tool, making sure to select all fields.
  2. Identify all of the dependencies this field has and remove them, for example: Flows, approval processes, validation rules, etc. 
  3. Delete the field. If you didn’t remove all dependencies, you won’t be able to delete it but Salesforce will display a list of the remaining ones.
  4. Upgrade to the latest package.
  5. After the upgrade, go back to the Object Manager and undelete the field(s).
  6. Verify that the data in the deleted field(s) has not been lost. 
  7. Edit the API name back to the original value by removing the appended ‘del’.

2. Change the field Data Type

The problem only occurs with picklist or multi picklist fields. You can change the field type to something else, e.g. Text or Checkbox, depending on the business process where this field was used. However, this is not as straightforward and may impact said business process, depending on the field’s function in it. The exact steps would also vary depending on multiple factors.

Here are some Salesforce help articles on this topic:

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