WorkSpan Mar'24 Releases - v180.0.0


Table of Contents
1. New Features and Enhancements
    1.1. WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition
    1.2. WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition
2. Bug Fixes
3. Known Issues

1. New Features and Enhancements

1.1. WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

1. Accelerating Evaluation for Spotlighted Deals. 

The "Spotlight Deal" in WorkSpan is a highlighted opportunity that receives special attention or visibility. It stands out among other deals and can be showcased as a critical opportunity. Spotlighting can be done for individual deals from the table view or in bulk for added convenience. Plan members can access the dedicated “Spotlight Deals table view” to view the spotlight opportunities exclusively. Plan members can review opportunity status, update relevant information, and take necessary actions to move deals toward closure by updating the deals that are a part of the Pipeline Review

Key Benefits:
--> Helps in focusing on key opportunities, leading to quicker evaluations and approvals.
--> Enables more effective allocation of resources for deal success.
--> Align deals with the organizational goals.

2. Improved Partner Collaboration and Support Tracking.

Precise tracking of support needed from and provided by partners is vital for smooth collaboration and successful outcomes in the Co-selling process. For instance, when a Partner User needs to identify the assistance required by their participants, having standardized Lists of Values (LOVs) helps streamline the process. Recognizing this, we have introduced "Help Needed from Partner," where Partner users can conveniently select from standard LOVs to accurately highlight and address their collaboration needs (Pricing Assistance, Technical consultation, etc.).

Key Benefits:
--> Simplified selection with standard LOVs assists with partner requests.
--> The introduction of the Help Notes enables partners to provide additional context or details regarding their needs.

3. New Actions to Enhance Opportunity Management.

We introduced action buttons to simplify bulk updates for key collaboration sections like spotlight deals. The below actions can be performed in bulk:

  • Engage Sales Rep to engage your sales rep on Co-sell Opportunities by notifying them via e-mail. 
  • Marking Spotlight Deal helps designate the key opportunities with a spotlight, focusing attention on where it matters most. 

For individual opportunities, the following actions can be performed:

  • Update Pipeline offers help in the Addition of key actions under workflow stage conditions.
  • Quick modification of cadence notes and next steps with the Update Notes/Next Steps feature.

Key Benefits:
--> Marking opportunities as Spotlight Deals ensures focus.
--> Exclusive functionalities support bulk actions and enhance program management capabilities.
--> Engage Salesrep action triggers an email to the sales representative to collaborate with partner managers to progress on deals efficiently.

4. Simplified Referral Acceptance in the Co-Sell Process. 

In the Co-sell process with resellers, deals registered on the partner portal transition through the Program Owner CRM before entering WorkSpan as referrals. These referrals are typically already accepted. To support automatic acceptance, a new action button, "Co-sell - Auto Accept Incoming Referral," has been introduced. To enable this, navigate to the Partnering Details section and click on edit to update the Referral Acceptance Needed from Yes to No.

Key Benefits:
--> Simplified auto-acceptance of incoming referrals.
--> Significant reduction in manual efforts, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
--> Smoother Co-Sell process as deals seamlessly transition from the partner portal through the Program Owner CRM and into WorkSpan.

5. Monitor Monthly Referral Volumes Easily.

The enhancement provides detailed insights into monthly increases in referral volumes shared with Partners to support revenue growth. Track your month-on-month referral volume increase, both incoming and outgoing, with our new out-of-the-box Referrals-Monthly breakdown Report and Chart. This chart will now be pinned to your homepage.

Key Benefits:
--> Showcase monthly increases in referral volume to measure the impact of collaborative efforts.
--> Track referral volume trends effectively, gaining valuable insights into Co-Sell performance.
--> Make data-driven decisions to optimize collaboration efforts, ensuring your strategy aligns seamlessly with your goals.

6. Real-Time Insights with the All-New "Refresh Chart" Option.

Now, get real-time insights in the Report section with the new "Refresh Chart" option added to the three-dot menu. This option allows users to update chart data without refreshing the entire page or browser window. 

Key Benefits:
--> Quickly view the most up-to-date information on charts.
--> Enhanced usability and responsiveness of the charts.

7. Effective Reporting on Archived Data. 

This enhancement allows users to generate reports targeting archived plans, opportunities, etc. It can be a valuable resource for data analysis giving insights on the recent trends and data to be retained. The inclusion of a toggle button for archived versus active data reporting, coupled with the capability for users to generate reports exclusively on archived data, provides them with improved access and flexibility for analyzing archived data.

Key Benefits:
--> By reporting on archived data, you can efficiently access and analyze historical plan information, reducing manual processes.
--> More informed decision-making processes, such as plan reactivation and status trend monitoring.

8. Stability in the "Last Updated On" Timestamp for Membership Changes.

Membership updates, especially during forced recomputation (like add/remove/update/delete), can cause changes in the "Last Updated On" timestamp associated with business deals, activities, opportunities, etc. Now, membership changes will not affect the "Last Updated On" timestamp, preventing inaccurate and larger datasets in Reports when filtering by this criteria. This enhancement addresses slow exports and potential issues caused by the previous behavior. 

Key Benefits:
--> Smoother exports and improved integration job stability.
--> Consistent timestamps for reliable workflows, providing a more predictable and streamlined experience.

9. User-Friendly Error Messaging for Various File Type Previews. 

When previewing various file types like .msg, .htm, .html, and .xlsx, WorkSpan displays the correct messages if the preview is supported or not or when the previews are not accurate so that you can download the file to view the details. This combination of file preview and informative message ensures that you are clear on the next steps in case of issues.

Key Benefits:
--> You are informed about potential preview inaccuracies and encouraged to download the file for a more accurate view.
--> Provides clear communication and guidance.

10. Empowering Strategic Decisions with Membership Audit Reports.  

Membership reports provide insights into different programs, plans, solutions, opportunities, and associated access levels. Previously, detailed Partner Company data, including linked opportunities, could not be exported. Now, Membership Audit Reports simplify the assessment of Plan member adoption, streamlining the process for users. Exclusively available for Company Admins, these reports empower enhanced analysis and informed decision-making through comprehensive user insights.

Key Benefits:
--> Create detailed user reports within the platform effortlessly.
--> Evaluate adoption levels through monthly reports.
--> Make decisions with simplified analysis from comprehensive user reports.

11. Gain Pipeline Review Insights with New Reports.

Unlock deeper insights into your pipeline review process. WorkSpan has introduced a comprehensive report that includes active spotlight deals, wins and losses, average deal size, pipeline details, revenue breakdown, and Partner breakdowns. This report can be used by both the Program Owner and the Participants. Additionally, weekly email notifications titled "Co-sell Pipeline Review Weekly Summary" are sent automatically to all relevant team members.

Key Benefits:
--> Enhanced visibility and aid strategic decision-making.
--> Fosters collaboration and drives business success.

1.2. WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition

1. Automated Email Notifications for Published Offers. 

During private offer creation, sellers can opt to send email notifications to buyers when the offer is published (on the marketplace) by simply selecting a checkbox. This ensures that when an offer is saved as a draft and published, an email with the link to the published offer and details is sent to the buyer's email address.

Key Benefits:
--> Easily manage customer email notifications during offer creation.
--> Time-saving and consistent communication.
--> Enhanced user experience and efficiency.

2. Default Values for Mandatory Fields to Reduce Sync Issues.

Experience improved data synchronization with our latest enhancement. Introducing default values such as “AWS Default Country = US,” for mandatory fields during HubSpot installation aimed at resolving synchronization issues. These default values enhance data integrity and reliability, providing users with a smoother synchronization experience.

Key Benefits:
--> Efficient resolution of synchronization issues.
--> Improved data integrity and reliability.
--> Seamless synchronization with hyperscaler platforms.

2. Bug Fixes

1. Ticket #17015 Table view data for the Opportunity “Line Items” was not showing up on the Summary panel. This bug has been fixed. 

2. Ticket #16591 Resolved ACE's acceptance issues with SaaS documentation values during referral launches, addressing missing fields and whitespace discrepancies to ensure seamless referral linkage to ACE without manual intervention.

3. The issue related to the “Overview page” unresponsive error on the devices with processing power has been fixed. Now, irrespective of the device you are using,  the page is loaded correctly with minimal load time (~3 seconds). 

4. The existing auto-link policy allows you to share Opportunities, Activities, Deals,  etc., which are linked to the Plan built using the template “Co-Sell Referral Partner Plan.” This resulted in sharing “Marketplace private offers” associated with the Plan with other companies that do not have access to these offers. Nevertheless, you can now set matching conditions to exclude Marketplace-related offers linking while sharing them with other companies. 

5. Replaced the role “Owner” instead of “Lead” in the Company Admin Membership report.

6. The “Launch in ACE” button functionality accurately transitions the referral status to 'Launch Submitted' upon click, subsequently updating it to 'Launched' or 'Launch Failed' based on the ACE response.

3. Known Issues

We are aware of the issues mentioned below and are working to address them in the upcoming release.

1. The timestamps for “ExportAt” and “CompletedAt” in the Membership Report still inaccurately reflect the same time when the data was initially generated.

2. For data accessibility issues, the widget may opt for a manual refresh instead of a full-page reload. Utilize the refresh option within the widget interface to access the latest data without additional steps.

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