WorkSpan May'24 Releases - v182.0.0


Table of Contents
1. WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition
    1.1. New Features and Enhancements
    1.2. Bug Fixes
2. WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition
    2.1. New Features and Enhancements
3. WorkSpan Platform Edition
    3.1. New Features and Enhancements
    3.2. Bug Fixes

1. WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition

1.1. New Features and Enhancements

1. Revised Validation for AWS and Other Solution Offered Fields to Reduce Referral Errors

We have implemented new validations on the AWS Solution Offered and Other Solution Offered fields, which are used when submitting referrals to AWS. These validations allow you to input a value in the Other Solution Offered field only when the value of the AWS Solution Offered field is “Other.” This prevents selecting a valid Solution and “Other” together.  

This validation enhancement prevents errors and minimizes referral failures by guiding you to input accurate information.

Key Benefits:

--> Enhanced validation reduces the likelihood of input errors.
--> Guided input ensures more accurate and complete referral submissions.

2. Simplified AWS Solution Selection in WorkSpan SFDC App

Creating AWS opportunity referrals in the WorkSpan SFDC app is now easier than ever with increased visibility of the Solution Names. Earlier, the AWS Solution Offered section displayed “Solution ID + Solution Name,” reducing the visibility of the Solution Name due to the field size. Now, this field will display only the Solution Name.

Key Benefits:

--> Alleviated user frustration by enabling accurate identification of AWS Solutions.
--> With the Solution Name now prominently displayed, creating AWS opportunity referrals becomes more efficient and straightforward, reducing the time and effort required for data entry.

3. Enforced New Validation in WorkSpan WebApp to Prevent Admins from Switching Back to ACE v1 by Mistake 

We have implemented a new validation to prevent users from reverting to ACE v1 from ACE v2 in the WorkSpan Web app, ensuring compliance with the AWS rules of engagement. This measure helps avoid potential issues or conflicts stemming from outdated versions of ACE, thereby ensuring compliance. 
The screenshot below illustrates the error message displayed when attempting to change the ACE version from v2 to v1.

Key Benefits:

--> Introduction of this validation makes the upgrade to ACE v2 irreversible in compliance with AWS.
--> Ensures that admins do not revert to ACE v1 accidentally, avoiding sync errors.

4. Streamlined Referral Submission with Parent CRM ID for Renewals/Expansions

For "Flat Renewal" or "Expansion" referrals, entering the Parent CRM Opportunity ID is now mandatory to ensure compliance with AWS requirements. Earlier, this validation was only for Flat Renewal. This ID will link the referral to the previously shared parent opportunity with AWS, ensuring the accurate registration of the referral.

Key Benefits:

--> Faster Approvals by reducing referral rejections due to missing Parent CRM Opportunity ID.
--> Compliance with AWS requirements by linking the parent opportunity previously shared with AWS.

5. Alerts for WorkSpan SFDC Integration Disruption

We have added warning messages to alert you if your WorkSpan SFDC Integration in the WorkSpan app stops working. Banners will display the connectivity status and automatically disappear once the connection is restored. In case of connectivity issues, you can reach out to your System Admin. 

Note: Your System Admin can navigate directly to the Admin tab to access the Implementation Steps page for more details.

Key Benefits:

--> Stay promptly informed about connectivity issues in the WorkSpan SFDC App without navigating multiple pages.
--> Swift issue resolution reduces downtime and maintains operational efficiency.

6. Mandatory Reason Required for Closed Lost  AWS/Microsoft Referrals 

 A "Closed Lost Reason" is now mandatory for users to provide when a referral is marked as Closed Lost. This applies to both the “Mark as Closed Lost” button and the sales stage “Closed Lost.” Users will now be prompted with a validation message alert if they do not select a reason. The image below shows how the validation message appears when sharing referrals with AWS/Microsoft, offering clarity regarding unsuccessful referrals.

Key Benefits:

--> Fewer data syncing errors while submitting closed lost referrals.
--> Consistent data by requiring reasons for closed lost referrals.
--> Fosters better decision-making and improves future engagement strategies.
--> Refines overall referral management effectiveness.

7. Efficient ABO Creation with Pre-populated EULA Documents

For the easy and successful publishing of ABOs (Agreement based offers), the EULA (End User License Agreement) document is now pre-populated with a new “Legal Terms for Current Agreement” radio button selected by default during the ABO creation flow. This enhancement ensures that the custom EULA document is pre-populated, streamlining the ABO creation process. 

Key Benefits:

--> Minimizes errors by automatically including the EULA document.
--> Ensures a more efficient workflow.

8. Enhanced Bookmark Visibility in Design Mode

We have enabled consistent Bookmark visibility across design modes for streamlined access, including direct bookmarking of Opportunities, Activities, and Reports in the Compact View, catering to better collaboration with Hyperscalers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Read More.

1.2. Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket #17562 Ticket #17563 Restored visibility of the horizontal scroll option for reports in the table view without table expansion. Additionally, addressed an issue where edited reports failed to reflect data in chart summary table line items without a full page refresh.
  2. Ticket #17482 Updated the 'Description' field to require a minimum of 20 characters, resolving the discrepancy where there were multiple (minimum 20 and 50 characters) validations on the same field.
  3. Ticket #17966 Ticket #18021 Granted read access to new Solution fields for specific permission sets (WorkSpan Account Executive, Auto-create Referral, Read-Only User, Sales Ops Manager), resolving access errors, facilitating seamless viewing of Microsoft solutions and enhancing co-selling operations.
  4. Ticket #16695 Ticket #16791 Ticket #16903 Ticket #17475 Ticket #17483 Ticket #18197 Referral statuses now sync correctly with AWS Partner Sales stages, showing "Launched" or "Closed Lost" for relevant statuses. Additionally, the "Launch" button appears for "Accepted" or "Launch Failed" statuses.
  5. Previously, users could view Microsoft and AWS Solutions when linking solutions for Co-sell with Microsoft, leading to confusion. This has been addressed by refining the visibility needs to display only Microsoft solutions for creating or editing referrals for co-selling with Microsoft.
  6. Fixed the bug where some reports initially displayed blanks, requiring a refresh to show data. Also resolved the table view filter issue; now, using a filter and refreshing removes the filter as expected without needing a full page reload.
  7. Previously, the 'Custom' service length validation didn't work for AMI (Amazon Machine Images) products, except for those with annual pricing and fixed payment schedules. Now, validation is applied to the 'Custom' service length option for all AMI products.

2. WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

2.1. New Features and Enhancements

1. Enhanced Bookmark Consistency in Design Mode

Bookmark visibility now remains consistent across design modes. You can access bookmarks seamlessly in both the Classic and Compact Design modes, eliminating manual toggling and refreshing. Also, Opportunities, Activities, etc., can now be bookmarked directly in the Compact View. Read More.

3. WorkSpan Platform Edition

3.1. New Features and Enhancements

1. Enhanced Merge Accuracy with Configurable, User-friendly Fields

We have enhanced the opportunity merge action by allowing the configuration of up to three user-friendly fields (e.g., Account Name, Company Name, Company ID) on the Merge Opportunity confirmation dialog box. This customization makes the merging process more intuitive and user-friendly by providing clear, relevant information for review before finalizing the merge. The screenshot below shows the Merge Opportunity window with fields like Company ID and Account Name.

Key Benefits:

-->Improved efficiency in opportunity merging through user-friendly configured fields. 
--> Simplified record confirmation by including identifiable details such as account or company name.
--> Customizable fields cater to diverse business needs and use cases.

2. Consistent Bookmark Visibility Across Design Modes

Bookmarks now ensure swift access to opportunities, reports, private offers, and more in both our Classic (card layout) and Compact Design views. Previously invisible in Compact Design (displaying with a left panel featuring category options), bookmarks now appear seamlessly in both modes, eliminating manual toggling. You can now bookmark an Opportunity, Activity, etc.. from the Compact View and the Reports View for quick access. The screenshot below illustrates the bookmarking of opportunities and reports and viewing them in the Bookmark panel from the Workcenter.

Key Benefits:

--> Provides consistent experience to users across design modes.
--> Eliminates the need to switch between different interfaces for bookmarking tasks.

3.2. Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket #17776 In report data filtering, the inability to edit search criteria after an unsuccessful search has been resolved; allows users to modify input for the search. This applies to multiple reports and various column types.
  2. Ticket #17706 The inability to remove the personal view from the main list of views (selected from the navigation menu) was resolved. 
  3. Improved line item retrieval speed in report creation/editing, eliminating prolonged wait times caused by the spinner. Users can now navigate without much delay, enhancing usability.
  4. Synchronized merge process completion with immediate Table View update to accurately reflect Active Record status, ensuring timely and consistent Opportunity display post-merge.
  5. Reduced the delay between the merge success message and table view update for merged Opportunities using bulk actions, enhancing user experience.
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