Overview of Sales Plans App

WorkSpan's Sales Plans App is where you can seamlessly manage your joint pipeline with your partners to generate more leads, enhance customer service, increase sales and grow. 
You can also define the process and execution plan, overall timelines, and key milestone dates. For example, schedule sales trainings on products and solutions by end of the quarter, setup pipeline and account review meetings with your partners by end of the monthly sales cycle.
WorkSpan's Joint Sales App is comprised of three modules:
  • Sales Plans
  • Opportunities
  • Assessments 
Navigation: Home > Joint Sales > Sales Plans. You can access the navigation menu from any other page in the WorkSpan Platform too. 
Or, if you have any existing sales plans, you can access the My Sales Plans section from the right side on the Homepage.
Sales Plans Listing Page opens.
On the Sales Plans Listing page, you can view all your sales plans in the following categories:
  • My Plans: sales plans created by you and accepted by you.
  • My Invites: sales plans that have been shared with you, but not yet accepted by you.
  • Discover and Join: sales plans shared with your company.
  • Archived Plans:  all archived sales plans in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.

You can run joint pipeline reviews on a shared screen and be confident that your private fields are not shared with your partners with the "Showing Private Fields" toggle. Any private data including fields and metrics will be hidden from all the pages including overview pages and table views. This user setting is persistent across the application and across sessions.

NOTE: The toggle will hide private fields but does not hide rows. In order to ensure that you are only sharing rows that the partner has access to, you should filter the Member Company column to the Partner company before starting the screen share.


Click the links in the headings below to learn more about the various tasks that you can do using WorkSpan's Sales Plans App:

Creating a Sales Plan

You can easily create a sales plan in WorkSpan to collaborate with your partners on your joint sales pipeline. See Creating a Sales Plan

Setting Up Metrics for Your Sales Plan

Tracking metrics of your sales plans is pertinent to continue or pivot for overall success of your sales plan. You can setup metrics like Total Pipeline; Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR); # Opportunities; Qualified Meetings etc.  See Setting Up Metrics

Adding Objectives/Accomplishments to Your Sales Plan

You can setup your joint objectives, i.e, define the KPIs and goals for each KPI for your joint sales plan.

You can get real-time and accurate view of your joint pipeline by mutually defining criteria to measure success, i.e, the metrics and goals per metric. 

Examples of KPIs include, # Opportunities, # Closed Deals, Pipeline Revenue/ARR, Closed Revenue/ARR, etc.  You can:

  • Setup different metrics for each sales plan
  • Create goals at a granular level, i.e, by region, by quarter, by partner, etc.
  • Create private goals for your company, that are not shared with partners.

You can also add accomplishments to your sales plan to view the gradual progress towards the objectives of your sales plan. See Adding Objectives/Accomplishments

Adding Audience Information to Your Sales Plan

Understanding your target audience demographic is essential for success. Being cognizant of their roles, goals, industries, functions and departments helps you to align your sales plan's or solution's objectives with your audience needs.

You can add granular audience information for your sales plan to provide more context to the team working on the successful execution of the sales plan. See Adding Audience Information

Adding Tasks to Your Sales Plan

The Tasks tab in your sales plan is where you can add tasks that need to be completed to successfully execute your sales plan. 

Nominating accounts and orchestrating co-selling tasks is an essential path towards successful execution. See Adding Tasks

Adding Files, Links, Content Items to Your Sales Plan

You can easily add files, links, content items etc. to your sales plan too. See Adding Files, Links, Content

Adding Expenses to Your Sales Plan

You can add one or more expenses like salaries and commissions, sales training, sales tools etc. to your sales plan. See Adding Expenses

Adding Comments to Your Sales Plan

You can add comments to your sales plans for easy collaboration with your team members and partners.

Sharing Your Sales Plan

You can easily share a sales plan with colleagues, regional or market unit leads at your company or with your partners for easy and timely collaboration, openness and for building trust. See Sharing Your Plan

Viewing the Audit Log for Your Sales Plan

An activity log section has been added on the sales plan page to allow you to get a quick summary snapshot of all the recent updates to your sales plan(s). See Viewing the Audit Log

Creating a Sales Plan Report

You can create a Sales Plan Report for you and your partners to see data and performance on one or more fields of your sales plan, for example, to get a dashboard view of the # of sales plans, plans by industry, plans by region, etc.

You can view real-time performance per sales plan and determine if the results are tracking to the defined goals. Interactive reports can help you slice and dice the sales data by different dimensions such as by Region, by Industry, etc. See Creating a Sales Plan Report

Configuring and Saving Table Views For Your Sales Plan

You can configure table views for your sales plans in WorkSpan for easy visualization of your KPIs and to easily slice and dice your data. 

Table views help you to view and compare rows of data simultaneously in any order that you choose.

You can seamlessly search for your data. Contextual search and filtering within columns further helps you to easily navigate to what you are looking for. See Configuring & Saving Table Views

Overview of Opportunities

In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate, and track one or more opportunities for your joint sales plans. You can pursue a single opportunity with multiple alliances, under different sales plans, and solutions. WorkSpan's robust access controls allow you to restrict visibility to specific partners. See Overview of Opportunities

Adding Opportunities

In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate (share), and track opportunities for your joint sales plans. See Adding Opportunities

Creating an Assessment

Assessments are precursors or evaluation criteria compiled via a questionnaire to determine if opportunities/solutions need to be built/pursued/progressed in their workflows or not. See Creating an Assessment

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