Overview of the Sales Plans

WorkSpan's Sales Plans App is where you can seamlessly manage your joint pipeline with your partners to generate more leads, enhance customer service, increase sales and grow. 
WorkSpan's Joint Sales App is comprised of two modules-Sales Plans and Opportunities.
Navigation: Home > Joint Sales > Sales Plans. You can access the navigation menu from any other page too. 
Or, if you have any existing sales plans, you can access the My Sales Plans section from the right side on the Homepage.
In the Sales Plans App, you can:
  • Setup your joint objective, i.e, define the KPIs and goals for each KPI for your joint sales plan. Examples of KPIs include, # opportunities, # closed deals, pipeline revenue/ARR, closed revenue/ARR, etc.  You can setup different metrics for each sales plan.

  • Define the process and execution plan, overall timelines, and key milestone dates. For example, schedule sales trainings on products and solutions by end of the quarter, setup pipeline and account review meetings with your partners by end of the monthly sales cycle.

  • Nominate accounts and orchestrate co-selling tasks.
  • Get a real-time and accurate view of your joint pipeline by mutually defining criteria to measure success, i.e, the metrics and goals per metric. 
    • Example of metrics include: # pipeline deals, # closed deals, total pipeline ($), total revenue ($), average deal size ($),  # trained sales representatives, target accounts, etc.

    • You can create goals at a granular level, i.e, by region, by quarter, by solution, by partner, etc.

    • You can also create private goals for your company, that are not shared with partners.

  • Configure and see real-time performance per sales plan and determine if the results are tracking to the defined goals. Interactive reports help you slice and dice the sales data by all dimensions e.g. by Region, by Solution, by Industry, etc.

  • Share joint sales plans with your partners and others.


On the Home >Joint Sales > Sales Plans Landing page, you can view all of your sales plans in the following categories:

  • My Plans: sales plans created by you and accepted by you.
  • Shared with Me: sales plans that have been shared with you, but not yet accepted by you.
  • Shared With <your company name>: sales plans shared with your company.
  • Archived Plans:  all archived sales plans in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.

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