Approving a Claim


As a program owner you can approve, reject or ask for more information on a Claim for Reimbursement submitted by your colleagues and/or partners. 


  1. Navigate to the program for which you want to approve a claim. You can easily search for programs with pending claims on the Programs Landing page.
  2. Open the program and navigate to the Claim Reimbursements section.
  3. Click on the Claim requiring your approval. It will be in the Incoming section.
  4. This opens a summary view of the Claim. You can review the elements of the claim and approve, decline, or request more information for this claim at the bottom of the preview screen.
  5. If you request more information-then your claim will move to the In Review stage.
  6. If you request more information or or decline a claim, we recommend that you provide a justification via a text pop up screen. 
  7. The claim request will move to the appropriate section based on your action and you can easily report on it as you would in any table view in WorkSpan. See Configuring a Table View.
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