Copying , Saving, Viewing Invite List, Archiving and Leaving Campaigns


 As an owner or a collaborator on a campaign, you can:

  • Copy a campaign
  • Save a campaign as a document
  • See the invite list
  • Preview link view
  • Clear all indicators
  • Leave a campaign

As an owner, you can also:

  • Archive a campaign

As a participant in a campaign, you can only:

  • Save a campaign as a document
  • Clear all indicators.

Navigate to the campaign.

Click More Options.


Here's more on different actions:

Make a Copy: 

To copy a campaign so that you can easily create a new one based on the current one. You can make a partial copy by deselecting what you do not want to copy in the selection menu.

Results are not copied. (Also See: Copying a Campaign)

Save As Document: 

To export the information of the campaign as a Word document. 

See Invite View:

To view what a member that you invite to join your campaign would see. 

Preview Link View:

To view what would be available to be seen for discovery.  

Clear All Indicators:

This removes all notification indicators (  )

Archive Campaign: 

To archive a campaign. (See Archiving Campaigns)

Leave Campaign:

To leave a campaign that you no longer want to be associated with.

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