What's New in WorkSpan?


We’ve got some (awesome) new features that’ll enable you to do your job even better. Let’s dive right in.


More Options to Build Sales Plans and Solutions Reports

Dynamic query option has been added to Sales Plans and Solutions reports to allow you to seamlessly aggregate a set of sales plans/solutions. You can now apply filters on all dynamically sourced fields in your sales plans/solution (including custom fields and fields in the templates) instead of manually adding each sales plan/solution.

Dynamic query based report building provides flexibility and ease, since the filters that you select can have the corresponding result set expanded or contracted as sales plans/solutions are created, updated, or archived.

You can additionally use Advanced Search to select your filter criteria for the sales plans/solutions for your report. This allows you to filter by all the fields including all standard, custom, and template fields available in your sales plan/solution. 


Enhanced Security Policies

Security Policies including password policies and session  policies have been enhanced.

  1. In Password Policies section, you can specify the number of days in which you want your password to expire. You can also Enforce Password History rules, e.g, users cannot use the last # of passwords.
  2. In Session Policies section, you can select the maximum number of invalid login attempts allowed and inactivity logout time.


Managing Company, Partners and Employees

Multi Currency Support

Currency conversion at the campaign level for seamless currency change has been added. You can easily convert campaign related financial amounts and carry on with the complete campaign workflow even when the program currency that you are requesting funds from for your campaign is different from the campaign currency.

New and Custom Email Preferences on Your Profile Page

The manage email notifications on your profile page have been updated. The email notifications allows you to select the settings that meet your needs. You can select amongst the options that you want to receive notifications about via email. You’ll get an email when any action(s) corresponding to your selections occurs. These notifications are a good way to stay connected with your network and work activities.

Configurable Workflows and Stages For Objects in WorkSpan

To further facilitate joint workflows to allow you and your partners to assign and monitor action items within your teams for each stage, you can now add custom names and order for your stages in the solution or sales plan creation, opportunity management, marketing plan, or activity creation.

You and partners have complete visibility into names and order of stages, stage transitions, and tasks assigned to each stage. 

See: Configurable Workflows & Stages

Bulk Share and Bulk Accept

Accelerate on boarding of new users and manage user access efficiently. From the landing pages for sales plans, solutions and opportunities within a sales plan or solution—you can now select multiple records and share with additional users, all in ONE action. 

You can also specify the access level to be granted to these users, and the option to either update access level or skip member if a user already has access. 

Users being added now also have the option to select multiple or all outstanding invites by simply clicking “Accept”, all in one fell swoop. You’re welcome!

Funding Report Enhancements

Easy, breezy report setup and real-time report data. Our funding report now has even more options to select all the appropriate marketing programs you’d want to include in your report. That’s right!

You can now select programs using a search to quickly identify specific programs to include, or specify a query that will be executed at run-time to determine which programs to build the report for. In short, it means your report can automatically pick up new programs you’ve added based on the search criteria you specify in the report - no need to add it later. Boom.

Knowledge Base Reboot

Our expertise is now at your fingertips. Do you want to get educated on functionality, learn how-to use specific product features, or submit a request? Simply access the Help Center.

Trust and Security

Look, we totally get it. Trust is the most important aspect of going to market with your partners. Read the WorkSpan PROMISE to you at the WorkSpan Trust Center.   

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