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We’ve got some (awesome) new features that’ll enable you to do your job even better. Let’s dive right in.

New Features in May 2019

New Features in April 2019

New Features in March 2019

Product Line Items on Opportunities

You can now easily integrate your opportunity product line item fields from your CRM system to WorkSpan and use WorkSpan to track and report on product-level metics across all opportunities, sales plans, accounts, and partnerships.

Note: Line items can only be added and edited via CRM Integration.

After linking a CRM opportunity or bulk adding opportunities from your CRM, the line items will be attached and displayed on WorkSpan opportunities.

Line Items are private company fields accessible only to users within a specific company.

You can easily view:

  • Revenue for a product across all opportunities in a sales plan
  • Revenue for a product line across all opportunities in a sales plan
  • Target versus actual for opportunity count, pipeline, and revenue for a product line in a sales plan

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Solution Recommendations In Partner Programs

Solution Recommendations have been added for partner programs to allow opportunity participants linked to a partner program to view matching solutions within the partner program.

This feature allows you and your partners to easily find complementary or matching solutions that help make overall deal value proposition more compelling for your end users and increases win rates.

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Revenue Splits

The Revenue Splits feature has been introduced for you to allocate revenue for a single CRM opportunity in your company across all contributing partner opportunities in WorkSpan.

An opportunity for your company can be sourced by one partner, influenced by additional partners and closed by yet another partner.

Partner managers in your company can request % splits on behalf of a partner, and a weighted amount based on this split % is calculated for the partner opportunity. An approval process is included to ensure that the splits consider requests from all partner managers, with notifications to partner managers at appropriate times in the review cycle.

With this functionality, you can recognize and reward the contributions across all partners and partner managers that played an active role in getting the deal to closure. Partner managers and the partners are incentivized to participate in all future deals, and accelerate your win rates.

Note: Revenue Splits is an add on feature enabled on request. Please contact us for enabling this feature.

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WorkCenter on WorkSpan (WOW) as a Mobile App

WorkSpan’s New Mobile App to view your Requests, Due Tasks, Messages, Notifications etc. is now available on your mobile devices both for Android and iOS. Currently it is available via invite only. Please Contact Us if you want WorkCenter on WorkSpan on your mobile devices.

The WorkCenter aggregates all your incoming requests (approvals, invitations, and endorsements), tasks that are due, inbound messages and comments, and notifications of actions on relevant objects -- all in one central location.

The mobile Work Center will further boost productivity allowing you and your partners to review requests, tasks and messages on the go.

The live notifications feed will also keep you in the loop when your colleagues and partners make any updates.

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Self Service Workflows To Automate Your Partnering Processes

Self Service Workflows to conceptualize, plan and automate your defined business processes to drive joint sales, joint solutions and joint marketing operations with your team and partners have been added.

As a WorkSpan Admin in your company, you can configure workflows with custom stages for solutions, sales plans, opportunities, marketing plans and activities. Users in your company can automatically progress through custom stages in the workflows that you have created and then associated with requisite templates.

To improve process efficiency, for each stage in the workflow, you can also:

  • Configure tasks and task assignments
  • Select people and companies for object sharing
  • Customize field properties, i.e, make some fields public and keep some fields private

You can have a different stage flow for each workflow that you configure, enabling processes in your workflows to range from quick and effective to methodical and precise.

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Partner Programs App For Holistic View Across All Your Partnering Motions

WorkSpan’s new Partner Programs App has been built to give you a holistic view across all your marketing, sales and solutions partnering motions. You can track key metrics across all your partners, and accurately measure ROI as you get visibility into the joint marketing and revenues from joint solutions and joint sales deals. These powerful partner metrics help drive engagement, and accelerate desired business outcomes.

The Partner Programs App helps you manage different types of partnership activities, such as your joint solution efforts to bring new solutions to market; joint marketing activities to build market awareness and generate leads for these offerings; and joint sales to enable sales organizations across your and your partner’s organization to collaboratively sell these offerings and accelerate revenues.

You can now easily get a complete picture of a partner program or even within a single partnership. You can:

  • Track your partner activities across different KPIs such as regions, industries, initiatives, etc.
  • For a program with multiple partners, you can launch, for example, a Technology Partner Program and invite all your ISV partners.
  • For a program designed to encourage collaboration among your partners, you can invite your ISV partners, SI partners and Channel partners to collaborate on joint solutions, present a holistic deal to your end customer with complementary offerings across partners.

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Assessments App To Drive Account Assessment & Qualification With Speed and Efficiency

An Assessments App has been built where you’ll be able to build assessment questionnaires to enable your partners at scale, and drive fast and effective account assessment and qualification.

These questionnaires are customizable and can be tailored by solutions, by regions and by other criteria pertinent to you.

Assessment templates include scoring models and recommendations. Reviewers can provide in-context comments and guidance to assessment owners based on scores. You can convert high-scoring assessments to qualified opportunities. This enables you to save both your & your partner’s time, invest in accounts that are a good fit for your offerings, & increase win rates.

You can easily view responses to your questions via heat-maps in the table view of your Assessments Report.

Note: Assessments App is an add-on module. Contact WorkSpan Support to enable this for your organization.

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Accelerating N-Way Partnerships With Multi-Company Opportunity Views

WorkSpan has gone way beyond the traditional partner management systems paradigm of only supporting 1:1 relationships.

WorkSpan—the only Ecosystem Cloud can host N-way partner engagement and collaboration on opportunities.

We’ve made it easier for companies to engage in N-Way partnerships with a configurable opportunity dashboard and layout that allows companies to tailor opportunity fields and values to their business. Each company can maintain its own fields for a specific opportunity, including products, services and revenue forecasts. You no longer have to spend time and effort on constantly converting information from your company’s data format to a format prescribed by other companies.

In this multi-company view, you can see what your partners choose to share on how the opportunity is progressing within their company. Every company in the partnership gets an unprecedented level of visibility to drive the deal forward.

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Opportunity Path To Build Guided Sales

WorkSpan now provides the capability to enable your partners and field sales reps with prescriptive sales playbooks.

In the new Opportunity Path section, you can include clear actions for the owner to progress the opportunity in each stage and close the deal.

You can also record milestones and dates for the customer buying process. This enables the opportunity owner to align sales actions with the buying process. For example, you can record the customer RFP submission date and work to complete your opportunity proposal stage ahead of the due date.

Report Cloning

As a report owner, you can now easily clone (copy) reports in WorkSpan.

The selection criteria from the original report-selected items or dynamic query criteria are copied by default to the cloned report.

You can also choose to copy the following sections of an existing report to ease the process of creating a new report:

  • Saved views and charts
  • Shared with people
  • Shared with companies

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Self On Boarding On WorkSpan

Self on boarding flows to help you and your partners to easily embark on the WorkSpan Platform have been added.

During sign up, you can seamlessly enter your roles, job headlines and work profiles to tell us about yourself and your work engagements.

You can easily update your profile at anytime too.

The self on boarding flow will let you define your preferences via which we can present you with tips, tools and techniques to facilitate your self guided and self paced learning on the WorkSpan Platform.

From signup to solution creation and from account setup to asset management and much, much more-we want you and your partners to succeed and have a great experience using WorkSpan!

Your success is our success-nothing more.

Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign On (SSO) Added To WorkSpan's SSO Choices

Microsoft Azure AD SSO for all existing and new Azure AD/Office 365 users has been added to WorkSpan’s Single Sign On choices.

Single sign-on provides users in your company access to all of the applications and resources that they need to do business, by signing in only once using a single user account.

Once signed in, employees in your company can access all of the applications they need without being required to authenticate repeatedly.

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Simple & Savvy Work Center For Viewing & Accessing What's In Your Queue

The new Work Center comes with easy and intuitive navigation to quickly take you where you want to go and do the tasks that you want to do.

The first release comes with the following  fabulous features:

  • Inline approvals/declines of all requests such as fund requests; claim requests; invites; endorsements; etc.
  • Real-time updates- all data in the Work Center will update in real-time. The change indicators for each section will refresh immediately when new data for that particular section is available.
  • Activity log at the global level- to notify you of the changes made to an object. This is for notification only and includes:
    • Name of the user who made the change
    • Object Name
    • Type of Change
    • Date
  • Indicators for completed tasks.

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Charts To Download

Enhancing your existing ability to create, edit and delete one or more charts for one or more of your reports, you can now also Download Charts for ease of your and your partner’s use and availability of those charts in PDF and PNG formats.  

You can:

  • Export individual charts in a report
  • Export the entire report dashboard i.e all charts in a report
  • Expand chart sizes and/or display the entire chart in a new page to display the entire chart, and also download  the charts from the expanded view
  • Print the charts with ease

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Security and Convenience for your WorkSpan Account with Google Single Sign On (SSO)

To elevate your WorkSpan account security and to increase ease of use, we have added the Google Single Sign On (SSO) feature to help you easily sign on with your Google credentials and access WorkSpan applications and resources with a single user account.

Single sign-on (SSO) is a centralized session and user authentication service in which one set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications.

Company Administrators can now select amongst the following three options as login authentication choice for employees in your company:

  1. Enable Google Single Sign-On-if you want employees in your company to log in with their corporate Google login credentials for safety and convenience.
  2. Enable Password Login-if you want employees in your company to log in with a WorkSpan specific password.
  3. Enable both Google Single Sign-On and Password Login-the default option. Employees in your company can log in with either.

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New Way For Data Import into WorkSpan

The new Data Import feature allows you to intuitively map and import data for many objects in WorkSpan, including opportunities, sales plans and solutions.

You can import data from your internal CRM, other systems and external data sources.

You can configure the import mapping once and run multiple jobs using this configuration, to periodically refresh your data in WorkSpan.

This automation saves you time and eliminates errors associated with manual data entry.

Furthermore, this feature provides an additional layer of security as you control the users in your organization or partner’s organization that are granted access to the imported records.

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Activity Log to Check Object Status

An Activity Log section has been added on the sales plan, solutions, and opportunities, to provide a single consolidated view of all the recent updates across all users, on that shared object.

With the activity log, you are informed in real-time as these updates occur so that you can respond quickly, and also increases the productivity and engagement across users within your organization and your partner’s organization.

You are immediately notified about critical updates such as when new opportunities are added to the sales plan, or when the opportunity stage is updated. You can also view membership updates such as who has been added by whom, who has withdrawn, when a member’s access level is changed, and updates to associated tasks/assets.

The activity log for sales plans and solutions can also be filtered by the pipeline activity that includes all updates to the opportunities associated to the sales plan or solution. Similarly, the activity log for opportunities can be filtered by the pipeline activity such as which sales plans and solutions that the opportunity is associated with.

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New Budget Report On Budget Fields in Your Program(s)

A new Budget Report to easily report across budget fields in context of your program(s) has been added.

You can report on one or more programs across budget line items only. E.g. if you want to slice and dice across one or more budget fields such as PR Type, PR Stage, Vendor Number, etc. you can create and run the Budget Report.

Budget Report displays the budget fields in context of the program. For example, you can select a program to report on and then view the resultant budget level fields on one or more campaigns that have requested funding from the program that you choose for your report.

After the report is ready, you can filter the report on one or more of the budget fields such as PR Stage, PR Number, Vendor Name, etc.

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More Options to Build Sales Plans and Solutions Reports

Dynamic query option has been added to Sales Plans and Solutions reports to allow you to seamlessly aggregate a set of sales plans/solutions. You can now apply filters on all dynamically sourced fields in your sales plans/solution (including custom fields and fields in the templates) instead of manually adding each sales plan/solution.

Dynamic query based report building provides flexibility and ease, since the filters that you select can have the corresponding result set expanded or contracted as sales plans/solutions are created, updated, or archived.

You can additionally use Advanced Search to select your filter criteria for the sales plans/solutions for your report. This allows you to filter by all the fields including all standard, custom, and template fields available in your sales plan/solution.

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Enhanced Security Policies

A new set of security policies can be configured by your company administrators. This provides an additional layer of security to protect against malicious attacks.

In Password Policies section, the admin can specify number of days for password expiration and enforce password history check, e.g. cannot reuse last five passwords.

In Session Policies section, the admin can enforce automatic logouts when a user session has been inactive for a specific period of time.

Multi Currency Support

Currency conversion at the campaign level for seamless currency change has been added. You can easily convert campaign related financial amounts and carry on with the complete campaign workflow even when the program currency that you are requesting funds from for your campaign is different from the campaign currency.

The currency conversion feature helps you run a global business effectively by giving your local users the ability to manage marketing campaigns and tracking invoices in their local currencies, with a handy currency conversion feature. Regional marketing managers can submit fund requests and claims to a global fund in another currency too.

New and Custom Email Preferences on Your Profile Page

The manage email notifications on your profile page have been updated. The email notifications allows you to select the settings that meet your needs. You can select amongst the options that you want to receive notifications about via email. You’ll get an email when any action(s) corresponding to your selections occurs. These notifications are a good way to stay connected with your network and work activities.

Configurable Workflows and Stages For Objects in WorkSpan

To further facilitate joint workflows to allow you and your partners to assign and monitor action items within your teams for each stage, you can now add custom names and order for your stages in the solution or sales plan creation, opportunity management, marketing plan, or activity creation.

You and partners have complete visibility into names and order of stages, stage transitions, and tasks assigned to each stage.

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Bulk Share and Bulk Accept

Accelerate on boarding of new users and manage user access efficiently. From the landing pages for sales plans, solutions and opportunities within a sales plan or solution—you can now select multiple records and share with additional users, all in ONE action.

You can also specify the access level to be granted to these users, and the option to either update access level or skip member if a user already has access.

Users being added now also have the option to select multiple or all outstanding invites by simply clicking “Accept”, all in one fell swoop. You’re welcome!

Funding Report Enhancements

Easy, breezy report setup and real-time report data. Our funding report now has even more options to select all the appropriate marketing programs you’d want to include in your report. That’s right!

You can now select programs using a search to quickly identify specific programs to include, or specify a query that will be executed at run-time to determine which programs to build the report for. In short, it means your report can automatically pick up new programs you’ve added based on the search criteria you specify in the report - no need to add it later. Boom.

Knowledge Base Reboot

Our expertise is now at your fingertips. Do you want to get educated on functionality, learn how-to use specific product features, or submit a request? Simply access the Help Center.

Trust and Security

Look, we totally get it. Trust is the most important aspect of going to market with your partners. Read the WorkSpan PROMISE to you at the WorkSpan Trust Center.   


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