Creating a Marketing Report


To view real time performance of your joint marketing initiatives, you can easily create a new Marketing Report in WorkSpan. 

On this report, you can generate and view the performance of your marketing campaigns that have requested funding from selected programs. You can report on goals and results and also on requested and committed amounts besides other fields in your campaign. You can group and chart these values by any attribute on campaigns such as by region, by industry, or by activity types.


  1. Go to Home >Reports and click +Report.
  2. Select Create Marketing Report.

  3. Enter a report name.
  4. Optionally enter a description.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select one or more programs for your report. You can click Next or click Save to continue at another time.
  7. In the Share With People section, select names/emails of people with whom you want to share your report.
  8. Select or update default access levels for your selected list of people.
    1. Owner access allows you to manage a report entirely, including giving and updating access to other users.
    2. Collaborator access allows you to view the report completely.
    3. Participant access allows you to only view certain sections of a report.
  9. Share with Companies section lists your company name by default.
  10. Click Save. Your Report is ready notification is shown and you can navigate to your report to see a default view or configure one or more views for different goals/results. You can:
    1. Export one or more views in a CSV format
    2. Manage columns
    3. Add goals/results (metrics)
    4. Create one or more views
    5. Save views

To add charts to your reports, See Adding Charts.

You can also edit, delete and refresh your report.

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