Creating a Funding Details Report


To view real time performance of your joint funds, you can easily configure a Funding Details Report in WorkSpan.

This report provides an end to end break-down of your funds flow. You can report on the funds lifecycle in the various stages- Requested, Approved, Estimated, Spent, Claimed, and Claim and Approved Amounts.

You can also group and chart by either program fields or campaign fields and also view the split across multiple funds for a specific campaign.


  1. Go to Home > Reports and click +Report.
  2. Select Create Funding Details Report.
  3. Enter a new report name.
  4. Optionally, enter a description.
  5. Click Next.
  6. You can either select one or more programs to build your report or specify a dynamic query.
    1. Dynamic query option allows you to seamlessly aggregate a set of programs by applying filters on all dynamically sourced fields in your programs (including custom fields and fields in the templates) instead of manually adding each program individually. Dynamic query based report building also provides additional flexibility and ease since the filters that you select can have the corresponding result set expanded or contracted as programs are created, updated, or archived. You can update the filters too.
  7. You can select a list of programs or only one program for your report, or you can use the Advanced Search option to search through all your programs. 
  8. If you use Advanced Search, select your filter criteria for the programs for your report. You can filter by Company Name, Start and End dates, Activity Types, Audience Profile, Currency and other criteria. The programs matching your filtering criteria will be added to your report.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the Share With People section, select names/emails of people with whom you want to share your report.
  11. Select or update default access levels for your selected list of people.
    1. Owner access allows you to manage a report entirely, including giving and updating access to other users.
    2. Collaborator access allows you to view the report completely.
    3. Participant access allows you to only view certain sections of a report.
  12. Share with Companies section lists your company name by default.
  13. Click Save. When your report is ready, you can navigate to your report to see a default view or configure one or more views for different goals/results. You can:
    1. Export the view in a CSV format
    2. Manage columns
    3. Add goals/results (metrics)
    4. Create one or more views
    5. Save views
  14. To add charts to your reports, See Adding Charts.

You can also edit, delete and refresh your report.

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