Setting up Metrics for Sales Plans & Solutions


Navigate to the Sales Plan or Solution for which you want to add metrics.


  1. Click +Metric. Add Metric window opens.

  2. Enter a Metric Name.
  3. Select the Metric Type: Number or Currency.  If you select Currency, then, choose a currency from the drop down list.
  4. Enter a Goal.
  5. Select Access Control. Your choices are Shared or Private.
    1. Shared implies that the metric will be viewable by all users that have access to the sales plan or solution for which the metric is being created.
    2. Private means that only users in your company with access to the sales plan or solution can view the metric.
  6. You can manually enter results for your metric or you can enable Calculated Results after adding an opportunity to your solution or sales plan. If you enable, All Opportunities appears in the Select Table View field. Calculated results are calculated from your linked opportunities, and update automatically when you enable calculated results.
    Note: Green Lightning icon implies that this is an automatically calculated metric.

  7. To filter across opportunities by different criteria, you should have created and saved a table view for the criteria that you want to filter by, for example, By Region in the Opportunities tab. See Creating Table Views
  8. Select your previously created table view.
  9. Select a Function-Count or Sum. 
    1. Count shows you the total number of opportunities in the selected table view,
    2. Sum adds up the values of one metric column in the table.
      If you select Sum, then, you can pick a metric column. The calculated result will be the sum of that field’s values for all opportunities in the selected table view.
  10. If you select Sum, you have to select a Metric Field.
  11. Click Save.

Watch the following video for a quick walkthrough of setting up metrics for your sales plans and/or solutions.

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