Overview of WorkSpan


WorkSpan is an exclusive alliance relationship management network where you can manage your partner ecosystem. WorkSpan promotes:

  • Seamless Alliance Process
  • Deep Field Engagement
  • Real Time Performance Visibility

WorkSpan’s core competency is alliance business process orchestration. Core to our methodology is the notion of the alliance demand funnel.

With WorkSpan - you will transform your alliance business processes on to a single system where all participants have a consistent and real-time view of the truth.

WorkSpan is made up of four primary modules - Joint Sales, Joint Marketing, Joint Solutions, and Joint Funds.

  • Joint Sales is about managing your pipeline with your partners and it's nominating co-selling and then quantifying your outstanding pipeline

  • Joint Marketing is the activity that you do together with your partners to get the word about this joint solution that you created together.

  • Joint Solutions is where it all begins as you come together as partners to create a joint offering that you'll be selling in the market.

  • Joint Funds for managing funds that have been set aside to manage the relationship and to go to market together. These are commonly known as marketing development funds (MDF).  WorkSpan has some very robust capabilities to allow you to propose marketing programs using MDF funds and then make claims against those programs when the marketing activities are completed.

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Using WorkSpan, you and your partners can seamlessly automate and report on joint sales, joint marketing and joint solution initiatives.

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