Sharing a Solution


You can easily share a solution with colleagues, regional or market unit leads at your company or at your partner's company.

You can also share multiple or all solutions together with one or more members in your network.

If a solution has been created in the Owner Mode, then, if you are an Owner or a Collaborator on a solution, you can seamlessly share solutions with others in your network using WorkSpan's Share Solution feature.

If a solution has been created in the Partner Mode, then, you can share a solution as a participant too. See more on Sharing Modes.

Note: Only owners can change Sharing Modes on a solution.

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Sharing a Single Solution


  1. Navigate to the solution that you want to share.
  2. Click Share Solution. Share Solution window opens.
  3. Select a Sharing Mode (only owners can change the sharing mode):
    1. Owner Mode (default): Owners set a master list of companies to share with. Non owners can only share with members of those companies.
    2. Partner Mode: Any member can share. Only companies that are part of the initiative can Find and Request to join.
  4. Share with people by entering their names or emails.
  5. If you have the rights, you can share with companies on your network from the drop down list.
  6. You can enter a message to include and set the message as a default.
  7. Click Done.

Note: When you Share a Solution with someone in your network, WorkSpan sends an invite asking the individual to accept the solution. Only if he/she accepts the invite, the individual will show up as a team member.

If you Share a Solution with someone from a company that is not in your network, then, you are asked to confirm if you want to share.

You can view who else is invited to a solution by clicking the Edit button on the Team members card. As an owner of the solution, you can change roles for members and withdraw members from a solution.

Sharing Multiple or All Solutions

  1. Navigate to the Solutions Landing page and go to the table view.
  2. Select one, more, or all solutions that you want to share by checking the checkbox next to the solutions. Share Selected and Share All buttons are enabled.
  3. Click Share Selected or Share All. Depending on your choice-Share Selected or Share All window opens.
  4. Select names of colleagues or partners in your network with whom you would like to share your selected or all solutions. You can also enter emails of new members with whom you want to share.
  5. You can also select between updating access level or skipping member for a person who is already a member on the sales plan.
  6. You can also Skip Email Notifications.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Notifications on start of the Bulk Share Job and status of successfully shared solutions /failed solutions is displayed.

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