Creating a New Sales Plan


You can easily create a sales plan in WorkSpan to collaborate with your partners on your joint sales pipeline. 

  • In Planning is the initial stage for your sales plan. To configure other stages, tasks and transitions associated with each stage, contact WorkSpan Support
  • Select the sharing mode for your sales plan
  • Configure the metrics for your sales plans and review them with your partner alliance managers to monitor and measure success. Each metric has a target (goal in WorkSpan) and actual (results in WorkSpan).
  • Enter joint objectives and/or accomplishments
  • Add or request endorsements
  • Add custom and company fields
  • Associate tasks and/or opportunities
  • Add files/links/expenses and other content

Navigation: Home > Joint Sales > Sales Plans

  1. Click +Plan. Define Sales Plan window opens.

  2. Enter a Sales Plan Name.
  3. Select a Sales Plan Stage-In Execution, In Planning or Closed.
  4. Optionally enter a description. Click Next.
  5. Optionally, Select one or more Industries, Regions and/or Objective for your sales plan. Click Next.
  6. Optionally, enter one or more metrics for your sales plan.
    1. Select a Metric Name, Metric Type (Number or Currency).
    2. Enter a Goal.
    3. Choose access control-Shared or Private.
    4. In Enter Manual Results field, enter the results. 
    5. Click Next.
  7. In Share with People field, enter names or emails of people in your network that you want to share the sales plan with.
  8. In Share with Companies field, enter names of companies in your network with which you want to share.
  9. In the Settings section, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the sales plan: 
    1. Owner Mode (default)
    2. Partner Mode
      (See more on Sharing Modes)
  10. Check Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as participant if you want to do this.
  11. Click Create Plan to create your plan or you can click Back to navigate to the previous screen. If you click Create Plan, a confirmation message that your plan has been created is shown. You can navigate to your plan andYou can add:
    1. Key dates for your sales plan. You can enter a single date or a date range.
    2. Add team members to the sales plan.
    3. Edit Sharing with Companies.
    4. Add comments to the sales plan.
  12. You can add the following to your sales plan after creating a basic framework for your plan too:
    1. Metrics
    2. Objectives and Accomplishments
    3. Endorsements
    4. Custom and Company Fields
    5. Audience Information
  13. You can also navigate to the Tasks or/and Opportunities sections from the left pane to navigate to these sections to add tasks and/or opportunities.
  14. Optionally, you can also add one or more files, links, other content and/or expenses to your sales plan.

Setting up Objectives and Accomplishments on your Sales Plan

You can setup your joint objectives, i.e, define the KPIs and goals for each KPI for your joint sales plan. Examples of KPIs include, # Opportunities, # Closed Deals, Pipeline Revenue/ARR, Closed Revenue/ARR, etc.  You can have different metrics for each sales plan.

You can also add accomplishments to your sales plan to view the gradual progress towards the objectives of your sales plan.


  1. Navigate to the Sales Plan to which you want to add one or more objectives and/or accomplishments.
  2. In the Objectives and Accomplishments section, click Add Shared Objectives and Accomplishments, including your partner's contribution. 
  3. Add Shared Objectives and Accomplishments screen opens.
  4. Enter one or more objectives. To add a new objective, click +Objective.
  5. Enter one or more accomplishment. To add a new accomplishment, click +Accomplishment.
  6. Click Save.

Adding Audience Information to your Sales Plan

Understanding your target audience demographic is essential for success. Being cognizant of their roles, goals, industries, functions and departments helps you to align your sales plan's objectives with your audience needs.

You can add granular audience information for your sales plan to provide more context to the team working on the successful execution of the sales plan.


  1. Navigate to the Sales Plan to which you want to add audience information.
  2. Click the Audience Information button.  Add Audience Information screen opens.
  3. Select the Audience Profile.
  4. Select the Audience Seniority.
  5. Select the Audience Role.
  6. Select one or more Industries.
  7. Enter one or more Regions.
  8. Enter one or more Market Unit.
  9. Enter one or more Countries.
  10. Select Functions/Departments.
  11. Click Save.

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