Archiving/Deleting an Opportunity


WorkSpan is a business process network and we do not want accidental deletion of any data from any object.

For all objects, you have to first archive and then delete.

Only owners can archive and/or delete opportunities.

To archive an Opportunity:

  1. Navigate to the opportunity that you want to archive.
  2. Click on the Settings Screen_Shot_2018-07-31_at_10.42.26_AM.png icon.
  3. Click Archive Opportunity. A warning to confirm your action is shown.
Note: You can also unarchive an opportunity via the Settings icon/Strategy page, click the Unarchive button

To delete an Opportunity:

  1. Navigate to all Archived opportunities.
  2. Open the opportunity that you want to delete.
  3. Click on the Settings Screen_Shot_2018-07-31_at_10.42.26_AM.png icon.
  4. Click Delete Opportunity.
Note:  Deletion can also be done from the Strategy page >Delete button.

Deleting an opportunity unlinks the opportunity from a sales plan/solution/partner program automatically.

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