Tracking Tasks in Your Queue


You can easily view, track and perform other actions on tasks assigned to you on WorkSpan:


  1. Click Tasks in the WorkCenter on the Homepage. Tasks window listing the latest tasks in your queue are shown. You can mark tasks as Done on this window.
  2. Click View All to navigate to My Tasks page.  

  3. You can view all your tasks by priority, due date, status or other columns that you choose to view.
  4. You can further filter by various options within certain columns.
  5. You can toggle between a list view and a table view by by clicking on the appropriate icon between a list view and a table view.
  6. In a table view, you can export in a CSV format, create one or more views, and save views, etc. (See Using Table Views)
  7. On the list view, you can select a task and do the following:
    1. Assign the task to someone else in your network.
    2. Send a reminder.
    3. Clone a task.
    4. Change status and/or change priority.
    5. Add yourself as a watcher or remove yourself as a watcher of a task.
    6. Archive a task
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