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WorkSpan's Homepage is your one-stop destination to easily view the latest updates and alerts on your various WorkSpan objects like Partner Programs, Sales Plans, Opportunities, Marketing Programs, Campaigns, and Activities.

Refer to the guide below to find out what you can do from the Homepage.


  1. Navigation Menu: Click on the menu to navigate to the Marketing, Sales, and Solutions apps, Partner Programs, Reports, Content Library, Network pages, and Setup. You can also click on the WorkSpan "W" logo to return to the homepage anytime.
  2. Universal Search: Begin typing to search through all your objects quickly, or click "Search All" to filter the suggested results automatically as you search. Read more about Search.
  3. WorkCenter and Profile: Use the WorkCenter to view real time updates of all your: Requests (Approvals, Endorsements, Invites and Partnerships), Tasks, Inbox messages, and Notifications. Click on your picture (or first initial) to view Profile and Support options.
  4. Create: Use the "Create" button to instantly add a new Program or Plan.
  5. View Recent Programs and Plans: This area of the homepage shows your most recently accessed Plans and Programs, along with Quick Action buttons like "Add Solution" to help you jump right into your work.
  6. Alerts: View a summary of your personal alerts. Want to know what you missed since last time? Click on “Past 30 Days”. Want to see what’s coming up? Click “Next 30 Days.” See Understanding Alerts to learn more.
  7. My Work: This section gives you direct access to your recent projects. You can add bookmarks, navigate directly to frequently accessed Opportunities and Campaigns, and check for updates.
  8. My Tasks: View a summary of your most immediate deadlines, their priority, and their status. Read more about Tasks.
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