Introduction to the WorkSpan Homepage


WorkSpan's Homepage is your one stop destination to easily view the various KPIs for different objects-Campaigns, Programs, Solutions, Sales Plans and Sales Opportunities via different cards and sections.

You can easily navigate to view your profile, view your company profile, view all tasks in your queue, access the Help Bot or visit the WorkSpan Help Center from here.

That's not all!

Some of the other actions that you can do from the WorkSpan Homepage include:

  1. A new WorkCenter to view real time updates of all your Requests (Approvals, Endorsements, Invites and Partnerships); Tasks; Inbox (messages) and Partnerships to enhance partner engagement. See WorkCenter
  2. Write and share posts with your network. Click Share with your network to begin writing posts. You can also browse the various posts shared by others in your network here. See Writing Posts
  3. Search the entire network or specific sections or you can search your Network Feed.
  4. Message one or more people in your network.
  5. View Alerts. See Understanding Alerts
  6. Go to the different calendars that you have access to.
  7. View companies that you can work with.
  8. Go to the following sections:
    1. My Marketing Campaigns
    2. My Marketing Programs
    3. My Solutions
    4. My Sales Plans
    5. My Sales Opportunities



The Network Feed Cards on the top of the page are created based on events such as invite to WorkSpan, share an object, etc. and these cards remain on the feed until newer events push the cards down the feed. Deleting a card will remove the card from the feed.

The order of the cards is based on when they were created or engaged with (commented/liked etc.)

    • <Company Name> Network: the total number of companies that you currently work with and the total number of companies in your network. You can also navigate to view all your colleagues, partners, and all companies in the WorkSpan ecosystem. 
    • Fund Requests: the total amount in funds available, amount in pending requests and total amount of funds approved. You can go to apply for funds, view pending fund requests, and pending claims.
    • Funds Managed:  the total amount in funds, amount in funds committed and amount for funds pending approval. You can navigate to all your programs, add a new program, or go to pending fund approvals.
    • Joint Marketing: all campaigns that you have access to, # of campaigns that you can join, and new campaigns that have been added in a month. You can also navigate to the Campaigns Landing page, to the campaigns calendar, and discover other campaigns to join.
    • Joint Sales: the total # of opportunities across all your sales plans, # of won opportunities, and # of new opportunities added in a month. You can navigate to add opportunities, view all your sales plans, and join sales plans that your company has access to.
    • Joint Solutions: your total number of solutions, # that you can join, and # new solutions added in the current month. You can navigate to add a new solution, view all solutions and join a solution.

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