Overview of Opportunities


In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate, and track opportunities for your joint sales plans and solutions.

Navigating to Opportunities

Navigation: Navigation Menu > Joint Sales > Opportunities.


Opportunities Landing page opens.

On the Opportunities Landing page, you can view all of your existing opportunities in the following categories:


You can now run joint pipeline reviews on a shared screen and be confident that your private fields are not shared with your partners with the "Show Private Fields" button. Any private data including fields and metrics will be hidden from all the pages including overview pages and table views. This user setting is persistent across the application and across sessions.

NOTE: The button will hide private fields but does not hide rows. In order to ensure that you are only sharing rows that the partner has access to, you should filter the Member Company column to the Partner company before starting the screen share.


You can nominate multi-way partner opportunities in WorkSpan. In the multi-company views, each company on an opportunity has a separate section where company employees (with requisite access to an opportunity) can populate their company's specific data such as their products, services and expected revenue.

You can also specify validations for these company-specific fields and also have company custom fields. Opportunities are dynamically updated to include these company fields when a user from the company is added to the opportunity. 

Opportunities in Sales Plans, Solutions and Partner Programs

Intuitive workflows in WorkSpan's Sales or Solutions Apps enable seamless communication and coordination between partners to move an opportunity forward. Each partner can add pertinent information to an opportunity, exchange messages, assign tasks, add expenses, add files, links or other content to an opportunity. 

You can pursue a single opportunity with multiple alliances, under different sales plans, and solutions. WorkSpan's robust access controls allow you to restrict visibility to specific partners.

The Opportunity Path section is dynamically enabled in the Opportunity Summary page from your sales plan or solution, if your opportunity template includes this section.
When an assessment is converted to an opportunity, the following fields are automatically defaulted if it is setup in your template:
    • Account Name
    • Solutions
    • Link to Assessment

From within a sales plan, solution or partner program for each opportunity, you can:

  • Open an existing opportunity.
  • Add a new opportunity
  • Exclude the opportunity from the open sales plan/solution/partner program.
  • Add one or more tasks to the opportunity.
  • Share the opportunity with others in your network.
  • Add Comments to the opportunity.
  • Bookmark the opportunity.
See more on related Opportunities tasks:

Adding an Opportunity 

In WorkSpan, Opportunities are objects in your joint sales plans and solutions pipeline that either start as leads and flow through the pipeline as leads with chances of being converted to opportunities or start as an identified opportunity. See Adding an Opportunity

Adding Tasks, Files, Links, Expenses and Content to Your Opportunities 

You can add one or more files, links, content items, tasks and expenses to your opportunities. See Adding Tasks, Files, Links, Expenses & Content

Adding Comments to Your Opportunity

You can add comments to your sales plans for easy collaboration with your team members and partners. See Adding Comments

Adding Custom and Company Fields to Opportunities

You can define Custom fields that can be shared with your partners, or, you can define Company fields that are private and only visible to users within your company that are members in an opportunity. Company fields are hidden when users from other companies access the object. See Adding Custom & Company Fields

Cloning an Opportunity

As an opportunity owner or collaborator, you can easily clone opportunities. See Cloning an Opportunity

Editing an Opportunity

As an owner or a collaborator on an opportunity, you can update public fields on an opportunity that are common for all companies on an opportunity.

Each company with access to an opportunity also has it's own company panel with it's own set of private fields that can only be edited by employees of the company with access to the opportunity. See Editing an Opportunity

Sharing an Opportunity

As an owner, you can easily share your opportunity with your partners and colleagues for easy and timely collaboration and communication. See Sharing an Opportunity

Viewing an Audit Log for Your Opportunities

You can get a quick summary snapshot of the recent updates to your opportunities via the audit log.

This log includes system generated activities such as direct updates to the opportunity and associated sales plans/solutions/partner programs, membership updates such as who got added, who got withdrawn etc. and updates for tasks/assets related to the opportunity. See Viewing an Audit Log

Creating an Opportunities Report

To view real time performance of opportunities in your joint sales plans and/or solutions, you can seamlessly and quickly generate a new Opportunities Report in WorkSpan. See Creating an Opportunities Report

Archiving/Deleting an Opportunity

As an owner of an opportunity, you can first archive and then delete an opportunity. See Archiving/Deleting an Opportunity

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