Overview of Opportunities


In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate, and track one or more opportunities for your joint sales plans and solutions. Navigation: Home > Joint Sales > Opportunities


You can pursue a single opportunity with multiple alliances, under different sales plans, and solutions. WorkSpan's robust access controls allow you to restrict visibility to a specific partner.

Intuitive workflows in WorkSpan's Sales or Solutions Apps enable seamless communication and coordination between partners to move an opportunity forward. Each partner can add pertinent information to an opportunity, exchange messages, assign tasks, add expenses, add files, links or other content to an opportunity.

You can:

  • Select your partner engagement status amongst Identified, Joint Account Planning, Engaged, Converted to Opportunity, Won, On Hold, Discontinued or, Lost.
  • Associate opportunities to related sales plans and/or solutions.

On the Opportunities Landing page, you can view all of your existing opportunities in the following categories:

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