Editing a Program


If you are an owner or a collaborator on a program in WorkSpan, you can easily update one or more sections of a program by clicking three vertical dots in any section.

You may want to edit a program to:

  • Update program objective/description
  • Add/delete/change program goals/results
  • Add accomplishments
  • Change the program stage
  • Update audience profile and/or seniority
  • Change the program intent
  • Add/remove program policy documents
  • Update key dates
  • Update reimbursement policy
  • Update theme, industry, region, activity types, function/department, products, services
  • Update any custom fields


  1. Navigate to the program that you want to edit.
  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the section and click Edit.
  3. Edit <Section Name> window opens.

  4. Make your edits and click save.
Note: You can edit the other sections in a program too. Clicking the three vertical dots in a section puts the section in the editing mode by enabling the Save and Cancel buttons. Remember to click Save after making your edits.
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