Editing a Program


If you are an owner or a collaborator on a program in WorkSpan, you can easily update one or more sections of a program by clicking three vertical dots in any section.

You may want to edit a program to:

  • Update program objective/description
  • Add/delete/change program goals/results
  • Add accomplishments
  • Change the program stage
  • Update audience profile and/or seniority
  • Change the program intent
  • Add/remove program policy documents
  • Update key dates
  • Update reimbursement policy
  • Update theme, industry, region, activity types, function/department, products, services
  • Update any custom fields


  1. Navigate to the program that you want to edit.
  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the section and click Edit.Screen_Shot_2018-08-14_at_11.32.41_AM.png
  3. Edit <Section Name> window opens.

  4. Make your edits and click save.
Note: You can edit the other sections in a program too. Clicking the three vertical dots in a section puts the section in the editing mode by enabling the Save and Cancel buttons. Remember to click Save after making your edits.
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